GB Cracked Review – Start your business from “Zero.”

GB Cracked Review – Start your business from “Zero.”

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I 3 THE HISTORY TEST n the previous gb cracked review, we time traveled five years into the future to discover how your target idea might fit into your ideal lifestyle. In our second experiment, we’re going to get back into our DeLorean time machine, but instead of heading toward the future, we’re going to set our time circuits to the past. How far into the past are we going? It depends. When did you get your first job? This is a history test.

Not the kind of history test you take to see if you know when the War of 1812 happened, thankfully. You won’t be required to write any essays or memorize any famous speeches either. What you will be doing, however, is examining and learning from your own past so that you can create a better future.

Isn’t this why we study history in the first place? After all, as the American writer Robert Penn Warren told us, “History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future.” In The History Test, you’re going to trace all of the jobs, positions, and volunteer work that you’ve ever done.

By creating a chronological roadmap of your past work experience, you’ll be able to discover some very interesting patterns about who you are and what works best for you. This is similar to crafting a resume in the sense that you’ll be listing what you’ve done in the past, but traditional resumes are boring and just scrape the surface in helping us understand who we really are, which is the primary goal here.

In this particular exercise, you’re going to dig a lot deeper and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find out what kind of things you like and dislike, and where you seem to gravitate. Finally, you’ll see how your target idea fits into your personality and how it aligns with the trajectory that you’ve already been mapping out for yourself over the years. I’ll help guide you along the way and, like before, I’ll be taking this test right alongside you.

Afterwards, I’ll ask you some questions to help you analyze what you’ve written down so you can see how your target idea fits into your overall life story. Before we begin, however, I need to tell you that if at first you find that your target idea does not seem to align well with your gb cracked review, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should dump it. Why? Because you might be due for a change, and in all likelihood, that’s exactly what you’re looking for—something different.

For example, if you’ve worked in the retail sector your entire life, that doesn’t mean you have to continue to work in the retail sector. I want you to use this exercise to help you discover what it is about your past experiences that allowed you to thrive and flourish so that you can take those traits with you and incorporate them into your target idea. You might find the skills you learned in a previous line of work will be perfectly suited to support it.

Your history might also help define what that target idea actually becomes. Again, there are no wrong answers here. You’re learning about yourself and keeping an eye out for any obvious red flags. Whether you continue with your target idea or not, what you learn in this first section of the book will stay constant, so during the next go-around, you’ll be able to put your new ideas to the test even faster. EXERCISE: Like in the previous experiment, we’re going to write a few things down.

If you haven’t done so already, you can print out the worksheet for Chapter 3: The History Test located in the Will It Fly? Companion Course at If you don’t have access to that now, that’s okay. Pull out a blank sheet of paper, and I’ll give you instructions on how to proceed. As in the previous exercise, I’ll be doing it with you.

STEP 1: THE WHAT We are going to look at different experiences from our past to complete this test, but for now let’s start with the first job you ever had. If you haven’t had a job yet, start with anything that you were involved with that required you to consistently show up and contribute in one way or another. If you’re still a student, for example, maybe it’s a particular club or sports team you’ve had experience with.

Anything you’re involved with will work, including what you currently do. Here is my first entry: I love sharing this exercise with others. When done in person, everyone I speak to ends up smiling and they always learn more about themselves in the process, even after looking back at just one experience. It’s funny how we forget a lot of what we’ve done, and it’s interesting how we go through the motions of life sometimes without even thinking about why we like or dislike something in our overall story. That’s why this gb cracked review is so powerful.

By looking back we can begin to see the colors that together paint a picture of who we actually are. Repeat this same process with at least two other life experiences. They can be other jobs, organizations you’ve been a part of, something you’ve strived to accomplish, or anything else you’d like to examine further. I’ll finish my other two, and then you can finish yours If you haven’t finished your three experiences yet, go ahead and do that now.

You are welcome to do more if you like, which is actually what a lot of people end up doing. If you read through my timeline, it’s highly likely that you can already begin to piece together what kind of work I like to do and, more importantly, what motivates me. In both the marching band and architecture life experiences, my ability to have influence on improving things was important to me.

People are important to me, too, and in all three examples, I shared stories about how meaningful it was to be recognized for the work that I do. When I compare what I liked from these experiences with what I do now, it lines up perfectly. As an entrepreneur, I’m in total control over the entire operation. One of my favorite things to do is to analyze how I work and find out where else I can optimize my results and streamline processes.

Additionally, I’m conversing with people all the time through the connections I make with those who I interview on my podcast, as well as with my audience via email and through social media. I’m able to perform like I did in the marching band through my time speaking on stage, and more importantly, through the service I do for others, I’m getting recognition for the work that I do. Lay out each of your experiences in chronological order so you can see them all at the same time.

Do you notice any patterns between them? Chronologically, was the overall score getting better, or getting worse over time? If you were to share this with a significant other or a friend, what do you think their first impression would be? Below are three questions to ask yourself about what you see. There’s no need to write down your responses this time, but give these particular questions good thought before coming up with an answer. 1.

What one or two things seem to motivate you the most about the work that you do? 2. How much is your answer to #1 reflected in what you do now? 3. How can your future business be shaped into one that allows you to enjoy your work and continue to stay motivated? Question #3, of course, is what we’ve been leading up to with this exercise.

How does your business idea fit into the kind of work that you like to do, if at all? If you’re like most people, this exercise will begin to help you think about the kind of work that’s actually involved with the direction you’re thinking of going, but beyond that, it helps you understand how you can set yourself up for success. As I’ve mentioned before, building a business is not easy, and it never happens in a straight line.

There are a ton of ups and downs, and many times our highest points come immediately after our lowest. It will test your endurance, and understanding what motivates you can be the difference between giving up and reaching that inflection point where things start to take off.

Like in the previous chapter, determine if there are any red flags—extreme misalignments between the kind of person you are, and the type of business you’re looking to enter. In any case, use the information you learned about yourself moving forward and hopefully we can make sure that no matter what business you choose to build, it’s in alignment with what works for you.

I know you’re excited (and perhaps a bit anxious) about getting into the experiments specifically related to your idea, and we’ll get there, I promise. Later in this book you’ll understand how to refine your idea, talk about it with others and potentially get paid for it too, even before you build it. Before we get to that, however, there is one more thought experiment about you and your idea that we need to investigate before moving forward, and it involves swimming


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