ProfitMozo Review – The One-Time-Purchasing, Automatic A-to-Z Marketing Page Builder

ProfitMozo Review – The One-Time-Purchasing, Automatic A-to-Z Marketing Page Builder

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Let me begin by making what may be a shocking profitmozo review to you if you are thetype of writer who feels it is of paramount importance to avoid dangling participlesand fragmented sentences like they were a charging grizzly bear.Traditional grammatically­correct writers brace yourself: Information trumps grammar in this business. That’s why they’re called “information” products and not called “grammar” products.Back up a few sentences.I

wrote “traditional grammatically¡correct writers brace yourself”. Technically,that should have been “traditional grammatically¡correct writers brace yourselves”. Since I used the plural word “writers”, I should have used the pluralword “yourselves”.I didn’t. And if that bothers you, then you should probably stick to teachingEnglish or find a career as a proofreader.

?The point I want to make is this Your ?content? is what people are going to buy.To be sure, you want to be as professional as possible. Use spell­check. Havesomeone proofread your completed document. Correct any obvious mistakes.Write in such a way that it’s easy – even enjoyable – to read.But don’t worry about trying to create a small report your high school Englishteacher would be proud of. Unless she’s a customer, her opinion doesn’t count onthis one.

? I’ ve sold over $1, 000, 000 in information on the Internet. And I think that would make Mrs. Krennerich proud, whether I properly used punctuation or not!I say this because if you’re a traditional writer this may be a bit foreign to you.You’ve been beat over the head with the MLA style 2”X4” so many times you’vegot splinters sticking out of your head!Let me sum it up for you in one quick comparison Don’t write as if it is.In the coming pages of this report, I’m going to share seven ways to improve yourinformation writing.

I’m not going to talk about how to use proper verb tenses,structure sentences or transition from one paragraph to the profitmozo review.Instead, I’m going to share some useful tips to help you in the writing process –the experience – so you’ll be able to create information products faster, easierand, ultimately, better.I use the acronym “W.R.I.T.I.N.G.” to describe the 7 ways to improve yourinformation writing.

Each letter (W – R –I – T – I – N – G) represents a uniqueway to become a better information product author... W – WORK in content enhancers. R – REFER to a starter swipe file. I – INCORPORATE examples for maj or points. T – TRY to answer the infinite question. I – INSERT two additional sub¡points. N – NEVER forget to be creative. G – GRANT an interview.With that said, let’s get started. The “w” of w.r.i.t.i.n.g. is... 1. ?WORK? in content enhancers.There are numerous ways to add extra content to your small report as you arewriting it that will both improve the quantity and quality of your information. ? Quantity.

By using what I will refer to as “content enhancers” you can quickly create additional pages of information for your small report which will (a) allow you to more quickly write a full report, and (b) increase the perceived value of your report due to its increased size. ? Quality. More than j ust a subtle way to add more length to a report, by using these “content enhancers” you’ ll do j ust that … enhance the content.

In other words, you’ ll improve it? make it better. Ultimately, you’ ll have a much higher quality version of your small report upon completion.Now, before I share nine specific kinds of “content enhancers”, let me just quicklygive you a definition so we’ll both be working with the same thing in mind – DEFINED: “Content Enhancers”A content enhancer is any piece of information that clarifies, illustrates, supportsor improves the level of education and enjoyment a reader experiences as theyconsume your small report.Now, having said that, let’s look at 9 different “kinds” of enhancers you shouldconsider using in your next small report - ? DEFINITIONS?.

Look two paragraphs above – what do you see? You see abox with a definition in it. To be precise, it takes up 1/6 of a page and tookabout 10 seconds to write. The important thing is – it gave me SOMETHINGto write about … and it allows me to clarify a concept I’m sharing so youbetter understand. The point: definitions are a great way to add extracontent while further explaining important points in your document.

Note: If you’ re creative, you’ ll find that you do what I often do – make up phrases like “content enhancers” – which is a perfect spot to insert a definition. ? QUESTIONS?. Another great “enhancer” is to insert questions for yourreader to answer as they make their way through certain areas of yourcontent. Think in terms of a “workbook” – how can questions be used to aidthe reader in making decisions, examining their lives, reviewing criteria,etc.?

Example: If you were writing a small report about “weight loss” you might ask questions like: (1) Which of the following emotions most often produce overeating? (2) What dieting “rule” do you find most difficult to follow? (3) Based on the formula I j ust shared, what changes do you need to make in your eating habits? ? QUOTES?. Perhaps one of the easiest kinds of “enhancers” to use is a quote.They can be used at anytime during your small report, but are especiallyappealing at the beginning of a new section or to expand on an importantthought.

You can drop by and search for “quotes” or “famousquotes” and you’ll find several great directories you can visit to findappropriate quotes. Example: In one recent proj ect of mine I was encouraging my readers to take action. I quoted Wayne Gretzky to illustrate the point: “100% of the shots you don’ t take don’ t go in”. Perfect. ? EVIDENCE?.

You can provide supporting proof for statements that you maketo validate your claims. Documented research, statistics, magazine stories,reference materials, archived news, current events, speeches, presentations,trivia, and other similar resources can be referred to as evidence. (Be sureto carefully document the sources from which you obtained your evidence.)

Example: If you were writing that same small profitmozo review on “weight loss” you might cite Jorge Cruise’ s “3¡Hour Diet” for suggestions on eating frequency. “In fact, noted fitness guru Jorge Cruise stresses the importance of six meals at equal intervals throughout the day – every 3 hours. ” (Note: You could even link “3¡Hour Diet” to your Amazon. com affiliate link for that book and earn referral commissions! ) ? EXERCISES?.

As a writer, what is your ultimate goal? If you’re honest, it’sprobably “to make money”. Okay, what is your SECOND ultimate goal? ?Again, if you’re like me, your secondary goal is probably to help people. Inother words, you’d like your customers to actually gain some value frompurchasing your small report. Sure, we want to make money – but we alsowant to make a difference.

So, another “enhancer” to include in your smallreport is one or more “exercises”. That is, give your reader instructions onspecific things they should do in order to aid them in accomplishing what it isthey hope to accomplish after having bought your small report. You mightoffer brainstorming exercises, internet research tasks, “homework”assignments, etc.

Example: If you’ re writing a small report on “success”, then you might have the reader write down their ten biggest goals in life. ? STORIES?. If you’ve read the main manual in this course then you’ll findthat I tell stories here and there. (If you’ve read any of my other materials,you’ll find this to be true as well.)

Why do I do this? There are actuallythree distinct reasons why I share stories that you’ll find relevant to yourown small report creation process – 1. EDUCATION. The first and foremost reason is to “educate” the reader. That is, I use stories to better explain or illustrate a concept that I’ m sharing. When readers can “see” what you’ re trying to convey, it goes a long way to engraining the thought into their mind in a useful way.

A good story that helps the reader visualize a core concept you’ re explaining is another great enhancer to sprinkle into your small report. 2. ENTERTAINMENT. One of the things I hear over and over again is how “enj oyable” my writing is. Why is this important? It’ s important because very few people have the discipline to finish reading something that is boring.

And if they don’ t finish it, they won’ t use it. I’ ve failed as a writer if that happens. I want to educate the reader AND entertain them – when that happens good things always follow. 3. EXPRESSION. The third reason why I tell stories is because it allows me to express who I am. People get to know me and my beliefs.

I can’ t tell you how many “friends” I’ ve made over the years because we connect on spiritual and relational levels due to our common interests and viewpoints. When you inj ect your personality into your writing, you’ ll build a “trust” relationship with your readers which will translate into loyalty. That always pays dividends over time. ? TIPS?. One of THE “best” kinds of enhancers you can ever use is a “tip”.The more you can insert, the better your document will usually be. Tips arethe building blocks of information.

People love them simply because every tip offers another opportunity to reach a desired result. Here are two greatways to use tips as you write your small report ... 1. DIFFERENT WAYS TO ACCOMPLISH. One thing you can do is to share tips for multiple methods of accomplishing a specific tasks. If I tell you to “search Google.

com for j oint venture partners” I might go on to share “5 different ways to find JV partners”. 2. DIFFERENT WAYS TO IMPROVE. Another idea is to reveal several different suggestions for improving a process. If I tell you to “take a digital photograph for your eBay« auction” I might explain 3¡4 ways to improve the pictures (I. E.

Use a white background, take at an angle, use side lighting, etc. ) And I could even give 3¡4 tips for one or more of those tips! (I. E. 3 ways to get better lighting with less glare)Back up – did you see what I just did? I shared two “tips”. ? VISUAL AIDS?. Sometimes it can be very helpful to insert a diagram suchas a chart, drawing, screenshot, graphics, picture, video link or other visualaid in order to thoroughly explain a concept.

Example: If you were explaining how to use a software program in your small report, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of the software interface to “show” the buttons, menus, etc. that you are referring to in your text explanation. ? LISTS?. The final “enhancer” that I want to mention to you is a “list”. That isa “list with a full description of its entries”. Think about this. I could havesimply made the following list for this index of “9 content enhancers”...

o Definitions o Questions o Quotes o Evidence o Exercises o Stories o Tips o Diagrams o ListsI could have simply listed it just as you see it above with no explanation.And you probably could have figured most of it out. However, by sharingcomplete details on each of the items contained in this list I’ve gotten fivepages of content and you’ve got all the information you need (along withnumerous examples!) to actually make use of this method of improving yourinformation w.r.i.t.i.n.g.Whenever possible, create lists of ideas for a concept you’re sharing in yoursmall report – and then provide as many details for each entry on the list aspossible.When you “work in content enhancers”, it will not only make your writing easier tocomplete, it will make your small report better when it is completed.That brings us up to our second strategy here, the “r” of W.R.I.T.I.N.G. is... 2. ?REFER? to a starter swipe file.?

One of the things that you’ll find invaluable toyou as an information writer is what I have labeled as a “starter swipe file”. Justto further prove that I “practice what I preach” about using definitions as“enhancers”, here is one Now, I encourage you to build your own swipe file of sentences that you can useto get you started on writing.

You’ll find that you have favorites that you refer toin EVERY small report you writing, while there will be others that are just perfectfor certain scenarios.Like I said, I encourage you to build your own? swipe file. But, because I’ve beendoing this for a long time and have a very good index already created, I’m goingto share fifty (yes, that’s 50!) of my own starter sentences that you can use as acatalyst for your own writing.At the conclusion of this list, I’ll use several of them as examples just so I knowyou’ve got a good grasp of what I mean here.

Note?: You’ll probably want to print these out on a separate sheet of paper(maybe even laminate them) to refer to anytime you write.


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