SyndLab Review – The Best Way to Improve Your Web Syndication

SyndLab Review – The Best Way to Improve Your Web Syndication

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 On May 18, 2010 Chris released his syndlab review for 24 hours, starting at 12pm EST. I have a small e-mail membership, the Freedom Fighters, from my blog When I say small, I mean, less than 400 Freedom Fighters on May 18. But I also have another small list (the karolgajda list in the screen shot), so my total is just over 1,100 e-mail members.

The karolgajda list is very old and unresponsive ... I mean like 3-4 years old. And I do a bad job of keeping in touch. Which is really dumb of me because they're all good people and they've been following what I do for a long time. When I started focusing on Ridiculously Extraordinary I stopped focusing on that old list almost completely. What I'm saying is, the old list almost doesn't count.

I'm including it here for transparency's sake. Before I get to the nitty-gritty details of a successful affiliate promotion, let's talk about one of the most important parts of an affiliate promotion: Own the product you're promoting. You also saw me use proof of ownership in my Frequent Flyer Master Review. It's important.

The Empire Building Kit was originally released on April 7 for 24 hours and I snagged a copy. It's really difficult to run an honest affiliate promotion if you don't own a copy of what you're promoting. Whether you decide to ask for a free review copy or buy a copy, make sure you have the product you're promoting! The affiliate marketing industry gets a really bad rap because of shady promotions. Let's start marketing ethically, yeah? You cannot be honest in an affiliate promotion without owning the product you're promoting.

The Strategy While most other affiliates would be posting to their blogs on May 18 I decided I wouldn't do that way ahead of time. Even though my blog readership is way bigger than my e-mail list, I was going to go the e-mail list route. Why? It's simple. For a product that's only available for 24 hours I didn't want to put up a full blog post about it. It just doesn't jive with my "provide good syndlab review" philosophy.

If, on the other hand, the EBK was available forever then an educational blog post would have been warranted. Everybody on my Freedom Fighters e-mail list reads I don't know if they read every single article, but the Freedom Fighters are the special fans who want to connect beyond just the Web site. I love them.

:) I primed the Freedom Fighters on May 15 by posting about the EBK in my Sweet Shit Saturday weekly awesome-links-on-theWeb roundup. This is what that looked like: So as you see, I mentioned exactly what to look out for, and I gave a little bit of an incentive (the bonus) to actually read the e-mail. I also mentioned that I'd only be talking about the EBK to the Freedom Fighters, so signing up was a good idea.

Additional benefit of the early mention: This is a little technical, so if it goes over your head don't worry about it. All you need to know is, once you know you're going to promote an affiliate program, get your fans to click the affiliate link as soon as possible. Even before the product is available for sale. The technical details: affiliate programs are run with cookies.

A cookie is simply a bit of info that's stored on computers that tracks behavior (not in a scary way) and, in this case, makes sure the affiliate gets credit when they make a sale. The unfortunate thing about the 1ShoppingCart system (which Chris uses) is that the first affiliate to get the cookie on a customer's computer is the affiliate who gets credit. It's not the affiliate who closes the sale, but simply the affiliate who initiates the exposure.

You'll see how I swing that unfortunate situation in my favor that at the end of the promo e-mail... The Promo E-mail On May 17th I sat down for 2 hours to write the e-mail that would go out the next day. Here it is, in its entirety Body: Hey {!firstname_fix}! If you've gone through the initial syndlab review you're probably wondering why there aren't more.

They're coming. Relaunch of How To Live Anywhere is on June 8 and I'll be adding more to the FF ecourse around that time. Just hold tight. (And if there's something specific you'd like to see, please let me know.) Today I wanted to talk about Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit (EBK for short). If you haven't already heard about it, you probably will today. It's being re-released for 24 hours starting at 12pm EST.

The EBK might not be for you and on my blog on Saturday I mentioned that I would talk about whether you should invest in this course, what it includes, the good points, and the bad points. If you know me by now you know you won't get a hard sell from me, but I am giving an awesome bonus (err, 5 bonuses) if you decide to purchase EBK today through me.

The EBK breaks down a bunch (depending on which level you purchase, you get more) of different businesses that all earn at least $50k/year. This includes interviews and case studies with small business owners. These are all great for motivation if you haven't yet started a business or if you've already got one.

Now, if you don't yet have a business, here is where the EBK gets good. No matter which level you choose, it comes with a 365 day e-mail series that will take you from the beginning stages of idea generation/market research until actually launching a business. So should you buy EBK? Maybe. The lowest cost option is $149 and the option I have and recommend is $249 (Hail, Caesar!).

I really don't think the biggest option ($449) is necessary for most people, unless you want to know exactly how much Chris makes, which he reveals in that upgrade. Who the EBK isn't for: If you can't afford it, or you have trouble delaying gratification (the 365 day e-mail course doesn't end for a while, hehe) it might not be for you. Who is the EBK for? It's a great motivational tool if you've never started a business or if you already have one.

It's very useful if you don't have a business, because the 365 day e-mail course takes you through the process. If you have trouble staying focused, and need small bits of help launching a business, the EBK is perfect. You won't be overwhelmed with too much information and you'll be able to work on your business in your spare time with Chris's coaching.

How To Build An Empire Without Spending A Lot of Money The strategies Chris and I advocate don't cost a lot of money. If you've gone through the Freedom Fighters ecourse you know that already. But starting any business takes some investment. Whether you invest in How To Live Anywhere (when it's released June 8) or EBK (released for 24 hours today) or anything else, it all boils down to getting to work


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