Pixo Blaster Review – Skyrocketing Conversions with Stronger Promotional Videos

Pixo Blaster Review – Skyrocketing Conversions with Stronger Promotional Videos

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My total revenue for that year was $2,530,000 - that excludes endorsements
like affiliate revenue and stuff. That's just from my own efforts.
So it was a pretty good year, especially considering thatIwas essentially out
of the pixo blaster review  and laying deliberately low as a result of new family and just
not wanting to work that hard.
In 2013, 1 made a fundamental shift again. Idecided that really my very best work is done in higher-end consulting and group coaching with people that are really actively doing business.
I worked specifically with a certain type of business - those who sell advice
as consulting, coaching or those who do any sort of done-for-you service like ad
management, marketing. I've even worked with attorneys, financial
services guys.
So I made that shift in 2013 and I structured the pixo blaster review so I only "have to" work from nine to noon three days a week. That's my sort of established pattern; you've
got to do stuff on these days, business hours.
So 1 cut back even more but I made the shift that I just showed you and I
started creating these assets likeIwalked you through.
So, as a result of that, the business in a typical average month - excluding affiliate endorsements - is about $200,000.
And what's my profit? Well, I'll let you'll be the judge ofthat.
I don't really advertise at all and I have one employee. I don't ship any hard goods,Iprovide advice over the Internetto people.
So one can say that it's a pretty good profit margin. It's a pretty good gig making the shift. Incidentally this is a very scalable operation.Ijust really don't feel like doing much more than that.
Ihave a lot of ambition up to a point. You know whatI mean? And then, OK, there are waves up there that need to be ridden by people like me. HowIDidIt
I'm sure you don't really care about my business, more like, "How can I
continue to learn stuff from you so thatIactually do some ofthis?"
So let me show you howI did it. First thing I did was I shifted focus from
promotions and products. Instead ofthinking about, "Okay, what's my next promotion? What's my next
product?" and all that stuff,Istarted thinking about: "What's the perfect business model and what are the assetsIcan create tofuel
this business model to continuously, systematically and predictably create revenue without me having to constantly be on the hamster wheel?"
OnceIdid that,Istarted deliberately really, really getting focused on the use
of magnetic positioning and selling to attract and convert only high-paying good
customers.Idecided to leave everyone else to my "competition". That's why you don't see me doing the affiliate thing and that's why you don't see me selling little products, unless it's a one-off thing likeI showed you
in this last process. Other than that,Ijust don't do it. There's a reason for that:
/ only want to sell on the higher end and work with clients who
are actuallygoing to do the work with me andget the results.
It's important to me, likeIknow it's important to you, right?
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So, to make that shift from the bottom 80% of the marketplace to working with the top 20%, the only level of difficulty is simply making a conscious decision to do it. That's the only extra work you have to do. That enabled me to work significantly less than ever and maintained a
multiple six-figure monthly string of revenue, which could be scaled up any
moment thatI chose.
So, I'm asking you something right now that I really want you to consider
very, very seriously.
What would happen toyou ifyou made the same strategic
and tactical shifts inyour business and inyour life? What would that be like? Think about that for a minute. If you no longer thought about having to create the new thing, if you no longer had to be on the hamster wheel, and think, "Oh my God! Ihave to make a new pixo blaster review", or "I've got to keep tweaking all this stuff." What ifyou didn't have to do that? And what ifinstead you engineered your business so that you're perceived as however you want to be.
I've given you the roadmap and the blueprints to do this. Now the ball is in
your court. Get out there and get to work. Do good things. Help people. Follow those steps and you can't lose.























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