FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in

FB Vidmatic Review – Impressive Facebook Video Plug-in

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Your fb vidmatic review Creativity Connection THE TOOL KIT Let’s start with getting some important tools together to start your path of idea generation. This kit contains tools that are critical to discovering your future profit powerhouse. Ï A NOTEBOOK! Any kind will do. But, keep it personal and yours. A notebook will work fine but perhaps a funky journal from a bookstore is more your style. This notebook is now your best friend.

It goes everywhere with you! It replaces your purse or your briefcase. It will end up holding the most powerful information inside of it. Something so simple can have so much power if it is used properly ! Ï A PEN! Not just any ordinary pen but a pen you are comfortable writing with and one that sparks you to want to write. Ï POST-IT NOTES! If your notebook is not handy – you need to keep those ideas before you forget them.

Keep yourself armed with post-it notes around you constantly. Ï DIFFERENT COLORED PENS, FELTS & CRAYONS! When was the last time you wrote with a crayon? Try it again – you will be amazed at how such a simple tool can make your ideas flow much easier. Ï CONSTRUCTION PAPER OR A SCRAPBOOK! Flipping through a magazine and something catches your eye? Use it.

You never know when this idea might generate yours. Glue it to the paper or throw it into a scrapbook. Ï AN ALARM CLOCK! This is so you don’t focus on time during some of the exercises. Whenever time amounts are specified for activities or exercises, set your clock so you don’t waste time worrying about the time.

Ï DESIRE TO MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE ! Perhaps the most important tool in your kit is desire. This one quality will take you to new heights and will guarantee you success in business and in life. Find it, keep it and nourish it – the power of desire can overcome almost anything ! NOTE: A very sad fact on the internet is that less than 20% of the people that purchase books on how to make money actually use the information.

Please use the information here, come up with some ideas for your publishing business and get going – TODAY ! I do not want you to be one of the 80% that never use the information. So I am here to help – if at any point in this fb vidmatic review you want clarification or help, please email me at troy@smallbusinesscopywriter.com ASSESSING YOUR SITUATION What things in your current life situation do you not like? If you could change one thing, what would it be? Chances are that you do have something you want to change about your life – otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

What if each one of us changed something in our life to improve it – or to make ourselves happier – wouldn’t the world be a better place? Write down these reasons on a piece of paper or 3 x 5 cards and place it where you can see it at all times. It is your motivator. It is what is going to drive you to your success. Once you commit things to paper it seems to flip a switch inside of you and things start to happen.

And not only write down the reasons but write down what each reason means to you – you want more money - why ? Maybe for a newer car, house, holidays ? Write them down and be specific with numbers or fixed dates to push you along. (Eg – I will spend 15 hours per week more with my family. I will pay off all outstanding credit card debt within 60 days.

I will have my start up business running within 60 days from now Warm Ups There are a number of phases you will have to go through to find your million dollar ideas, the first of which is the warm up. This consists of exercises designed to help you clear your mind and find the right state that you need to be in to begin your mental workout.

These warm-up activities should become habitual daily activities. Everyday try to make the time to do these activities. If you can’t seem to find the time for all activities at least try to incorporate one of these activities daily. • WRITE! Write for the next 11 days, every day for 10-20 minutes in your notebook.

Sit down and write about anything – even if it is something like “this exercise is dumb, my pen is not working right, my hand hurts, boy I wish it was the weekend then I can go do …” and so on. It doesn’t matter what you write about, only that you write. This helps clear your mind of all those daily things our mind gets trapped into. Try it and stick with it for at least the 11 days – I dare you! See what happens.

Now this is a longer-term exercise that you need to keep up even if you find your great product idea right away. Writing will help keep your mind clear and focused. You might find that you never stop this. This is an exercise that will change your life if you do it – please give it a chance ! There is an immense amount of insight within you waiting to come out and be heard. Your writing will help you find new product ideas and partnerships to follow, solutions to on-going issues you have, easy answers to questions and so on.

The following exercises contain writing exercises so please start to write – like it or not J If you want to succeed in life try this – guarantee it will bring you much closer than you are today. • FOCUS! Write down a question or concern in your notebook. Set the alarm clock for 3 minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate on this for 3 minutes. The question can be anything such as: a. What subject do I want to produce a fb vidmatic review on? b.

Where can I help others the most? c. What skills do I have that are valuable to others? d. What career path should I follow? e. Why is the sky blue? f. What type of business could I start and be successful in? g. Where would my talents be of the most use to others? Write down all those thoughts about that question in your notebook once finished.

Don’t do anything with it right now – just keep writing in your notebook. • DAYDREAM! Go to your favourite place (a coffee shop, your bedroom). Do not take anything to read but do take your journal to write anything down that comes to mind. Just hang out and think for at least 10 - 20 minutes. Imagine what your life would be like if…Picture it, live it in your mind – how does it feel? • DRAW! Use those crayons from your tool kit! Buy a colouring book if that helps or just draw, doodle, colour, write out your grocery list – anything. Just make sure you use your crayons.

  • LISTEN! Music is very powerful – close your eyes while you are listening. Listen to your favourite song with the volume turned up (to help the brain’s juices flow). Listen to some of your favourite music – and listen loud! If needed, use headphones to keep the neighbours at bay, but loud music can get those brain juices flowing. Then pick some music you never listen to – if you usually like rock and roll, listen to classical or jazz or country.

Classical music has been proven time and time again to improve blood flow to the brain and greatly improve your thought process. • TIME! Watch the alarm clock from your kit. Get comfortable and watch the second hand go around for 2 – 3 minutes. Try to quiet your mind by counting one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc. Notice how slowly the second hand moves when you are in deep concentration.

This is tough to do but is very helpful with focus. Practice this daily. • TOUCH! Clasp your hand together in front of you with fingers interlocking. Notice which thumb is on top. Now re-clasp your hands with the other thumb on top. Focus on this task. This is a small exercise that shows how change can be difficult to accept at first but is much easier with practice BRAIN BOOSTER TIPS • Eat foods containing barley and/or high concentrate carbohydrates – proven to build up memory ands increase brain blood flow – critical for proper creativity and brainstorming attitudes.

  • Get some exercise! I am not going to go into all the physiological benefits of exercise – you know it so just get out there and do it – go for a walk, run, power walk or even just sit around outside- that fresh air can do wonders. Start slow and build up to a good pace. When that blood gets flowing and your heart starts beating faster you will be amazed at the thoughts and ideas that start popping up in your mind.
  • Get some relaxation or meditation music to sooth and clear your mind. With technology now it is easy to find this music and download it for free or next to free. Indulge in your favourite pastimes. Go walking, running; go to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, pubs, the gym, play music, listen to music, paint, draw, sculpt, read, etc … The list can go on but it is up to you to write down everything that interests you. • Use your lunch hours and after hours.

Take your notebook with you to work – or, if it is too noticeable, go to the dollar store and buy a smaller notebook that will fit in your pocket. Always keep it with you to write down ideas and insights. • Always keep thinking about this question “How can I _________?” This is where you need to go back to your list of things you want to have in your life.

I have a basic formula I use to create and evaluate new ideas. This is the exact formula I used to build a list of 300 ideas in no time at all. This is what I recommend but I also think that some people have their own system they prefer – if it works – do it. So here you have a system that is proven, tested tried and true. Use it in your discovery and you will easily create 300 profitable ideas in 11 days.

The key now thought is to get started with your discovery and do not look back. Remember, if there is ever anything you want clarification or help with to email me at troy@smallbusinesscopywriter.com or call me toll free at 403-470-7756 STAYING FOCUSED Staying focused on the project at hand can be hard.

This is one of the biggest issues that I have always struggled with myself. I am an ideas-person so I always have way too many ideas floating around in my head. And that leads me to get on a tangent on one, two or three ideas at once, which in effect means I am not giving any one idea the focus it requires. So what can you do to stay focused on ideas and projects? Here are a few things that have worked for myself: • Get a day timer – they cost as little as $10.00 for a decent one – one that shows a week at a time with room on each day to write things down.

This lets you plan a week out easily and see at quick glance what you need to get done. • Turn those dreams and objectives into to-do items and deadlines to move forward. Put these dates in your day timer. Make sure that these are realistic though – do not tell yourself that you will write a book and have it published within 2 weeks if you have never done it before.

Say it will take 6 months to write and publish. But you need to start writing – give yourself 2 weeks to have 20 pages – 1.5 pages a day. Break it down to smaller chunks to be more manageable and feasible. • Form a “Mastermind group”. Napoleon Hill, author of the multi-million copy bestseller "Think & Grow Rich" emphasises that this is one of the most important steps that can be taken to achieving your dreams.

This group ideally has 4 or more people (remember though that you can start with 2 people and build from there) that can help you with ideas to move you towards your dream life. And a variety of personalities and backgrounds can be good also so don’t worry that people all have to be the same or they won’t get along. There is more electrical energy in the air when you have a group of unlike minds brainstorming rather than a group of like minds.

Why? Because unlike minds see different aspects of the project and these differences when brought to light can bring up new ideas or creations. Start with one or two people and grow your group and quickly as you can manage it. Try to meet once a week or every other week if possible. So start thinking about people you know (or would like to know) that would be a good addition to your mastermind group.


Approach them with the proposal and be prepared to some trade some ideas for their time. For example if one person is also looking to make a change in their life – offer to be a part of their mastermind group. Or if another person has a small company they run – offer to help with brainstorming new ideas for promotion for their company























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