Fearless Netpreneur Magazine Review – Honest Review – GlennReview

Fearless Netpreneur Magazine Review – Honest Review – GlennReview

fearless netpreneur magazine review

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LIST BUILDING Rather than pushing squeeze pages all the time, quite often I’ll have a reverse squeeze page. You can do that with free things. A podcast channel is a great way to build up a subscription list of quality people who are very loyal.
Focus on Buyers But generally, I won’t even have a squeeze page; I’ll just collect the details of buyers. You can do that through low-priced products. Whenever somebody buys something, I make sure that they get added to a customer list for that product. I started out just building a list of buyers. That was my primary focus and it still is. I want the name and email address of someone who’s purchased something, rather than just prospects.
How it Works It’s through AWeber, but I integrate it through Nanacast. When somebody purchases something, it will automatically notify AWeber and send them out a confirmation requirement. So that it’s double opt-in. It just happens automatically, but they have to confirm the email. Have it say, “Step Two of Three Completed,” and that will get their fearless netpreneur magazine review . Then write something like, “In order to receive updates to the product that you just purchased, please confirm below so that you can receive that and our newsletter.”
Add Value It’s even more valuable when you actually send some valuable updates. You get extremely high open rates for those emails. You know they’ve already purchased, so it’s very segmented and so it’s pretty easy to guess what else they might be interested in.
Subtle Tactics I had a live fearless netpreneur magazine review. Since not all of my customers are going to live in the same country or be prepared to travel, I had a pretty light campaign promoting the event. I recorded the event and I had a post-event webinar. The post-event webinar was for people who attended the event and wanted to recapture its value. But it also served to promote two things: a purchase of the recordings and the option to join a business mastermind.
So I took the recording from the webinar and sent it as a bonus to people who had purchased some of my related products. For example, for one product that I’ve sold 2,500 copies of, I loaded the webinar recording onto their membership as a free bonus. Then I just send them an email letting them know that I’ve recorded this webinar for them as an extra value bonus. The webinar educates, but it also teases them into the idea that the videos will be good to have. They’ve already purchased one product from me, so it’s a logical step for them to consider buying another one. So I’ll make a lot of sales from the process without ever having to send them an email saying, “Urgent: Buy this today. It’s going off the market tomorrow!” and all the hoopla that we see from amateurs.
LIST MANAGEMENT Email is the most effective tool for an internet marketer. It’s immediate. But it’s only one way. I have a lot of ways. I put out a whole product out on twenty something different ways that I drive traffic to my sites.
High Open Rates Think of an email list as a promise. The promise depends on how they get onto that list, but it’s your job to keep that promise. That email opt-in for my free blog has a promise. I’ve framed that offer with the promise of sending them a fearless netpreneur magazine review, which I do. In fact, I send them bonus materials. There’s an hour long video that I send them, as a bonus. And then I send them an email when I do a podcast. The podcasts could be six weeks apart or, in some cases, two days apart. I’m very random with my content. And that was the promise when they entered that list. So that email list will have a pretty high open. A lot of my lists have 85-90% open rates. That’s because they’re super-targeted.













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