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This is the next B2B sourcing giant deserving of their own xidio video templates review .According to an article by Bloomberg, 35% of registered vendors on Globalsources don’t renew aftertheir first year. It is worth noting that is almost exactly the same as the number who quit Alibaba.This high attrition rate highlights the fact that it is critically important to be able to have confidence inthe verification and rating system used. This is due to the fact that when vendors come and go at such arate that indicates that they are probably scammers.I began using Globalsources for product sourcing long before the advent of the Internet. They publishednumerous printed product sourcing magazines, and I was a registered subscriber. There was noverification system then. If an advertiser could afford to pay, their advertisement would appear in themagazines.Has anything changed? NO….. I had allowed my vendor registration on Globalsources to lapse so I setout to register again recently in order to update my knowledge of their system. The process was too

easy. Without any verification procedure I was immediately awarded a 3 STAR rating, about which theysay “Start as a 3-star advertiser to win buyers' trust fast.”Strictly speaking there might be a verification procedure. They say they will send a contracted person tomy address to collect a check. At least that would prove that I exist. They say they will visit my premises3 times to verify, but instead they sent me an email telling me that their representative (in anothercountry) would phone me. I am certain that he is not going to take a flight 5 hours each way on oneoccasion let alone three.Globalsources now charge suppliers US$5,480 to become verified suppliers. Using a system almost

identical to Alibaba, the verification process only covers whether or not they are a registered businessappropriately registered with government authorities. Registration as a business is no guarantee ofethical behavior or reliability.They refer to an available credit check that suppliers can pay extra for. But it is not what Westernerswould understand as a credit check. The only thing it provides in relation to credit worthiness is theamount of Paid Up Capital. As you no doubt know, that is of little value in determining a company’sfinancial stability.There is no way of knowing whether suppliers identifying themselves as manufacturers really are such.They still allow even verified suppliers to offer big brand goods, as well as copies supplied with yourown brand label. The potential risks to buyers involved in this practice are so great that in my xidio video templates review itcasts some doubt on the reliability of the site.

10.1 HKTDC.Com.Although having a much smaller number of suppliers listed than most other B2B sites, I prefer to use

hktdc.com, because of the high quality of their verification and reporting system. In the case of thisofficial website of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, all suppliers listed as verified have beenthoroughly checked out by the HKTDC. It would be rare for one of those suppliers to risk their goodstanding with the HKTDC by treating you unethically. Many of the suppliers have been checked by Dun& Bradstreet to verify their true business registration, location, names of contact persons, websites, andother significant information, but bear in mind that they do not report on their financial standing.Suppliers who have advertised with HKTDC for at least 2 years are generally likely to be safe to dealwith.

Compliance Verified. The new Compliance Verification system recently put in place by the Hong KongTrade Development Council includes verification of their manufacturing capability and alsoverification of social compliance. This means that they will satisfy the strictest rules regardingemployees’ ages and working conditions as well as social responsibilities.

DUNS Number. A very small number of suppliers on the HKTDC site are unverified. I would usuallyavoid unverified suppliers, but see my comments in chapter 2.1 about locating suppliers of products not

already being sold in your xidio video templates review . If a supplier has a DUNS number they have been verified by Dun &Bradstreet, who will only issue a number to businesses whose authenticity they have confirmed. It is nota thorough process of verification, but is far superior to the negligible checking done by other sites suchas Alibaba, Global Sources, etc.

Intertek Verified. Identifies suppliers who display certificates relating to Corporate SocialResponsibility, and other issues relating to quality control. The Certificates Verified label covers thesame areas.HKTDC have a “Small Order Zone” on their website. Suppliers listed in this area will handle smallorders at genuine wholesale prices for business operators. They will not deal with individual buyerswanting to obtain a bargain on a single item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to remember that you can usually obtain better prices right

from the start by negotiating a small order from a supplier not listed in the “Small Order Zone.”If you can’t find the products or suppliers you need on HKTDC, go to my next recommended site:









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