Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

Video Matrix Review –A tool that makes your incredible videos

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Simple DIY Checking procedure:

 To do it yourself, start by checking out the video matrix review . See what registrations they claim.

 Obtain a copy from the supplier.

 Search to see if the certifying company shown on the certificate isaccredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. If they arenot, you should disregard the certificate.

 If they are accredited, send a copy to the certifying company with a request for them toauthenticate it. You may get better service in this regard if your contact letter or email states: “Ihave some doubts that this certificate is authentic. I am sure that if it is not, you would want toknow. Would you kindly verify authenticity for me?”I have used this method and searched for some that have been referred to me by my book users. I foundthat a service called Entecerma is legitimate and certificates issued by them could be relied on provided

you check that the certificate is genuine. They have an online facility to validate the authenticity ofany certificates offered by suppliers. Currently you should avoid their Italian site because it has beenhacked, but the UK site video matrix review is OK to use. All you need to do is insert theCertificate number in the box under "Certificate Verification."I found another called Anbotek. Their site is not easy tonavigate, but I was able to confirm that they are accredited by the China National Accreditation Servicefor Conformity Assessment.I would be happy to accept certificates issued by both of these companies. If I wanted someone to doinspections or certifications for me in China I would even consider Anbotek because of their low cost.

NOTE: Because almost every business in China trades under several different names you may find thename on the certificate does not match the name of the company you are dealing with. That is not a concern provided you can confirm that it is the same business, just a different name.While it is true that the larger the order the lower the price, the price differences for various orderquantities can be surprisingly small.Chinese manufacturers in many industries have been obliged to work on low margins. Consequentlyprices quoted for their MOQs will often be near to the lowest price possible from that supplier. If aperson wishes to order less than the MOQ, a manufacturer may seize the opportunity to gain some extraprofit, even if the order is small.If someone wishes to place a very small order, it is reasonable to expect that a higher price will berequired to cover the cost of processing which will be approximately the same, regardless of order size.If however an MOQ is 1,000 pcs @ $5/ pc. and a new customer wants to order 100 pcs, the price shouldnot go up beyond say, $7. That allows $200 to compensate the manufacturer for handling the smallorder. While I advise against haggling, this situation will often require negotiation that may resemblehaggling. The best way to gain the manufacturer’s cooperation is for the buyer to describe the smallorder as a “sample order.”The myth of big volume discounts: Those who think that volume means large discounts have neverdealt with Asian manufacturers. Sure they give discounts for larger quantities, but those discounts areusually very small. Orders of double MOQ may receive a discount of 5% to 10%, but often suchquantity discounts will be a lot lower.Over 22 years of importing, I found that discounts for volume were typically in the 1% to 2% range fordoubling the size of an order. Multiply the MOQ by 10 and you might get a discount as high as 10% if

you are lucky. Therefore, buyers should not expect substantial discounts for volume. In fact, as the video matrix review increases, the % discount falls.

Warning: Haggling can result in extremely low prices, but that will invariably lead to reduced quality.See next section on Quality. It also harms the business relationship and the supplier may choose to nolonger supply.


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