Autonars Review – Putting your webinar profits on autopilot

Autonars Review – Putting your webinar profits on autopilot

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Go to your “autonars review” screen in google analytics (pictured above). Scroll down in the menu on the left hand side to “acquisition” and click > social > network referrals (pictured below). If you have ever had any visitors to your site from pinterest, you will see pinterest listed here as a referrer. Click into the “pinterest” referrer (circled).

Here’s a list of your blog pages / posts that are receiving pinterest traffic (1 ). Every single page / post receiving traffic is listed here starting with the ones receiving the most traffic first, and you can scroll through them from the busiest to the least busy (2). Click into any blog post on the list, (that will open a NEW list - screenshot below).

You might see that the first one or two “refferers” on the new list are just or referrers (1). (Scary technical information - disregard this if it sounds like gibberish to you! Unfortunately, Google does not receive the pin ID when people click in on MOBILE pins, and the large majority of traffic is MOBILE traffic.

That means that while traffic to the specific post is still measured, it gets rolled into the "/" referrer (or, I believe, the one that just says as well - feel free to correct me on this statement). BUT I haven’t found that to be a major issue as far as this strategy goes… the best referring desktop pins are probably still the best referring pins overall (on mobile as well, even tho we can’t see it).

I do have a plan to test some pins with UTM parameters in the near future and then I will be sending you an update with my findings… if I find that it makes a difference.) SO - we just focus on using the pin that we CAN see has received the most traffic. On this list (pictured above) that is the third one down (2). This time, don’t click into it… copy (highlight and it and press ctrl + c) and paste it into a new browser window (paste is ctrl + v) and press enter - you should be signed into pinterest on your computer when you do this.

This will take you to that pin, the one that has been driving the most traffic (aside from mobile) to your site. Scroll down to the bottom of that pin, and see who pinned it - and to what board. You might be surprised to notice that it’s likely NOT? you who pinned it at all… but some “big” pinner. (see picture below).

Well, it might be you - especially if you’re JUST starting out on autonars review and you don’t have much traffic from pinterest yet. Either way, it seems like this pin re-pinned FROM HERE has a better chance of getting seen by more eyes than a NEW (identical) pin. Here (above) you can see that “my” pin driving all this traffic to my site isn’t my pin at ALL! ?Sarah @ pinned it to HER board “saving money tips and tricks”.

(Notice the awesome keywords in her board title?) So, right here in this screen, I click save on THIS pin, and pin it to wherever this post is going to be pinned to today. Manually. Now I’ve pinned a copy of Sarah’s pin (which pinterest ? already knows is popular), ?not a copy of my own pin. There will be times, especially when you’re first starting out on pinterest (or when you publish a new post with a new pin), that the pins you find to be your best referrers will be pins you pinned to your own boards (or more likely, to group boards).

They might have referred only 10 sessions… but I figure that’s still 1 0 sessions more than the pins with 1 referred session, so I use this process for re-pinning, (I think of it as “growing” these pins). Depending on how long it takes a “better” pinner to pick it up and pin it, it might take some time for the pin to take off. It could take a few days or a few weeks for the pin to really start to see growth.

(Or it could happen overnight!) I do find that the re pins of pins pinned by OTHER people tend to do a little better than the re pins of my OWN pins. So, if I have (in google analytics) a pin that has referred 438 sessions, and it was pinned by me, and a pin that has referred 427 sessions and it was pinned by someone else, I will choose to pin the second pin rather than the one pinned by me.

If the difference in referred sessions is a way bigger gap (over 50 or so) I will pin the one originally pinned by me. Once in awhile, I make time for one more step. I’m saving 90% of MY content pins to group boards remember - not my own boards. The health of group boards is a really frustrating thing - this is because if people are just pinning to the group board all the time and no one is pinning FROM autonars review , pinterest learns that this is one of those boards where engagement is low and the pins on it seem to rank lower in the grand scheme of pins… and they seem to get less time in the smart feed.

So, to combat this problem, and to make sure that I am fully engaged with all the boards on my page (which may also be important as far as the algorithm goes), as soon as I pin the pin, there’s a little black box that pops up and says “saved to name-of-group-board”. Click on that box (before it disappears) and it will take you directly to that board. Then I re-pin something (third party content) FROM that board TO my own boards.

This is super time consuming and I don’t do it that often.


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