Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?

Super Niche Video Templates Review – Should You Buy It?

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Super Niche Video Templates Review

Knowledge What are you interested in? What do you have knowledge about? What are your hobbies?Contacts Who do you know? What contacts do you have through your current job, your church, organizations you belong to, etc? What vendors does your company work with? Where do your friends and family work? Does anyone that you know work for a company that produces physical products?Current Items What items are you already selling well on Amazon?Low Hanging Fruit What do you have easy access to? What may be right underneath your Super Niche Video Templates Review? Do you live in a region of the country that produces something unique?Research What are some items your husband or wife buys all the time? Are there complimentary items you could private label that go with those items? What items do your kids like? Dig further into an area that interests you Reverse Source Sometimes it may be easier to find a supplier that will allow you to do the easy way method of private label than it is to pick a product.

In that case reverse source by starting with the supplier then picking a product. Customer Driven Keep in mind that the product driven and customer driven paths are not mutually exclusive. Think of them as starting points to begin product selection. For example, we put Proven Performance Inventory (PPI) in the customer driven path, but you can start with something you have knowledge about (product driven path) and then run it through the PPI system. It is not necessarily one or the other.

They both converge at the bottom with the testing phase of running ads to gather customer data to determine whether or not you have a winning product and want to move forward. And that very idea of testing with Super Niche Video Templates Review is at the heart of the PPI course. If you need a refresher on the PPI course there is a link to it in the files section of the Facebook group.

So how do we go down the customer driven path? We find out what customers are already buying and/or searching for. We are looking for what Brett Bartlett calls “golden gaps.” There are millions of them. You only need to find a few to be very profitable. Below are some ways to find those trends. We'll go a little deeper into each of these in Lesson 9.

1) Amazon Suggested Search Terms 2) Keyword Tool Dominator 3) Merchant Words 4) Keyword Inspector Trends Tool 5) Etsy 6) Pinterest 7) Google Trends Validate Does your product pass the 7 Step Test? Here's the 7 Step test: 1. Generic (Non Brand-driven) 2. Small 3. Easy to replicate 4. Not many working parts 5. Price Range 6. Sales Rank 7. Reviews If it passes then move on down the flow chart. If it doesn't, select another product to test.

The validation step and choosing a product to test should actually occur at the same time. If you're using Keyword Inspector's Trends Tool you should be filtering through the keywords results that are generic non-brand driven terms. We will cover in more detail how to validate a product in lesson 9 – so hang tight if this is a little confusing right now.

If you have found a supplier that has given you permission to do the easy way method of private label (switching out packaging) then be looking at their Super Niche Video Templates Review through the lens of what is generic, non-brand driven, small, etc. This all should happen very quickly. You want to get to the testing phase as fast as possible because that is where you really find out if you have a winner or not.

NEVER order thousands of units based on research done prior to actually sending it into Amazon and gathering solid data from sponsored ads. Test You have a product that has passed the 7 step test and you want to give it a shot. What's next? 1) Source it 2) List it and ship it into Amazon 3) Test with Amazon sponsored ads Again, we'll go deeper into each of these in the following lessons, but it's as simple as source, list, test. If it passes the test (we'll show you what a passing grade is in lesson 14) then simply order more.

If it doesn't pass the test that's totally fine. Just pick another product and test it. The good news is you didn't order 1000 units of a product that didn't pass the test. That's it. It really is a simple process... just follow the graphic through it. See you in the group...

Ryan Reger with Jenni Hunt, Jim Cockrum and Brett Bartlett PL the Easy Way Mentoring Program Coming Up Next... In Lesson #8 we will go deeper into choosing a product using the product driven path. Your Lesson.... Choosing a Product via the Product Driven Path Remember. You want to get to the testing phase as quickly as possible.

You can do hours and hours of research, but you're never going to know how well a product is going to do until you test it. So don't be married to your product idea until you've proven it to be a winner and the only way to prove it's a winner or not is to test it. I understand that this might be a change in mindset.

If you have been selling on Amazon for any length of time you'll know that the focus is normally on finding good products then looking to see if there is interest for it on Amazon based on rank, etc. But you also know that no matter how much research you do, the true test of a product happens once you actually send it into Amazon.

For example, if you purchased an item from the Walmart clearance aisle you'll know very quickly or not if it's a product that was on Walmart shelves nationwide because instead of 3 sellers on the listing there now may be 15 and the price might end up being half of what it was at the time you sourced it. It really doesn't make sense to ever spend thousands of dollars on an untested product.

I've heard too many stories of people who have invested thousands of dollars into an untested product and now have boxes and boxes of it filling up their garage. Don't do that! Test Test Test!! To test a product you have to pick one and in this lesson we're going to go over 6 ways to select a product via the product driven


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