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 Number one on the warlord optin review – you need at least one actual website. This websitedoesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all of websites. It just has to look professional. This lets the CPA Network know you know what you’re doing.Remember that keyword research we did? Well, a site based on one ofthose strong keyword phrases will work very well for your “token” website.Even better, if you have an old website kicking around that you’ve neverdone anything with – put it to work.

(The advantage with an “old” website?Your CPA reps will check it out and discover it’s been “in business” a while.)Set your new warlord optin reviewup as a WordPress blog (hosted on your own domain – never use a “free” blog actually hosted on WordPress!) Load it with aminimum of 10 posts – I like to use slightly more, because “10 posts” can bea giveaway sign of someone who has just hurriedly created a blog forincome purposes.

And while CPA networks know perfectly well this goes on,of course, you may notice your success rate in getting accepted may behigher if you avoid the giveaway “10 post” dummy-website standard. Pick a generic name for your site, because you may be working with thiswebsite a lot in the future, and changing focus quite a few times whilehoning your campaigns.

Sites with the words “how to” or “reviews”combined with your keyphrase work well.For example: AudioReviews.com would work better thanRingtoneReviews.com, because “audio” is more general than “ringtone”.You might start working with ringtones and discover there’s a fabulousheadset you’d rather promote; or a highly-converting piece of recordingsoftware.

You can get away with switching campaigns on something called“AudioReviews.com” – but promoting a stereo system would not bring in theright searchers and look rather strange on “RingtoneReviews.com”. (By theway, I didn’t check, but I’m 99.9% sure that both of these names arealready taken.)

When you set up your blog, do not populate it with any advertising – even ifyou’ve picked a theme already loaded with warlord optin review. If this is the case and adsappear on your new blog automatically, log in to your dashboard. In yourTheme Editor, view the files containing any pre-populated ads such asGoogle Adsense, and copy paste the body of the original file into a texteditor like Notepad.

Save it, to preserve the original .PHP file (or in case youdelete the wrong one!)After you’ve done this, copy-select the file text again, and delete the contentof the file from within the editor page display. (Do not delete the actualfile!) If you’re having a hard time finding the correct file, look for one whichhas the word “publisher” or “pub” in it.You will absolutely need two more elements on your blog – a Privacy Policyand a Contact Form.

Plug ins are your easy, instant answer for both theseitems: WordPress Contact Form Plug-in - Use this if you don’t have one from yourown autoresponder. Eric Giguere’s Privacy Policy Plug In (This one is specifically for Adsense, butit works.)You may also wish to check out the new FTC guidelines (due to be in forceby December 1, 2009) and if you feel it necessary, add a Disclosure page orsection.

#2: You Need A Target MarketYou’ve done your research, and picked the best niche you can discover. Thisis another way to impress CPA reps.Remember that list of popular CPA products earlier in the report? That’s agood place to start.But do try to find a good twist to your niche – an area that tests well in yourkeyword research that has low competition.

#3: You Need A Phone Number Where You Can Actually Be ReachedWhenever you apply to a CPA network, 7 times out of 10 they will telephoneand “interview” you in person. This shouldn’t be the ordeal of the century. Itusually only takes a couple of minutes, and consists of you confirming a fewthings. Looking at it from their point of view, they just want to make surethat you know what you’re doing.Do you? Well, you’re well on your way already, just from having read thisfar!There are standard questions they’ll ask you.

Answer cheerfully and firmly –and whatever you do, don’t over-answer. Respond exactly to their questions– then wait for the next one. A. Are a Real Person B. Are serious about promoting their product C. Know the basics of internet marketingBeyond that, they’re not the slightest bit interested in how you got yourstart, or why you aren’t any more experienced than you are now. # 4: You Need A Dedicated Email AddressThis is not a big deal.

Just set up an email account for the new websiteyou’ve set up – your web host will provide a certain number of emailaccounts for your new domain – but whatever you do, avoid free email providers!In fact, your biggest challenge in your whole CPA venture is likely to besimply setting up your new email and making it checkable in OutlookExpress (or whatever other mail client you’re using.) #5: You Need A ListLet’s face it – CPA Networks love people who have big lists.










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