ZooWarrior Review – Increase your sales, your leads &control

ZooWarrior Review – Increase your sales, your leads &control

Official site: https://goo.gl/F5hGyB

Hello and welcome to the “zoowarrior review setup manual. Khondoker here and I'm taking you straight with the setup instructions to set up your “Recurring Profit Funnel” to your server. You have downloaded FE.zip file and got following files after you unzipped FE.zip. 1. “RecurringProfitMachine-MainMethod.pdf”- which is a report in PDF format. You only have to read this file.

 “RecurringProfitFunnel-SetupManual.pdf”- The one you are reading now! 3. “AR-Emails” folder- Inside the AR-Emails folder, you will get 4 email sequences in separate 4 text files, including a “ReadMeFirst” text file. 4. “dfy-rpf” folder- Inside, all the files you have to upload to your server. 5.

 “Make-Your-Own” folder- Inside, you will get text and document files, you are going to edit and make your own. 6. Rights.txt- Your rights to the downloaded files. Now, open “dfy-rpf” folder. You need to upload all the files in this folder to your domain root or your domain directory you want to use. You need to use FTP software to transfer all the files from your computer to your domain at your hosting account.

 You can download an FREE FTP software here, if you don't have anyNow, you have uploaded 6 pdf files. These are written by me (except one), and my name is imprinted on these. They are here to be downloaded by your subscribers. So you need to print your name and possibly your picture (recommended) on these. Open the folder named “Make Your Own” folder.

 Here you'll find all the 6 pdf files either in text or in zoowarrior review. You can easily insert your name and picture in these and transform to pdf format. Upload these new 6 pdf files with your name and pictures to your domain, replacing the existing one. Now, you need to upload your autoresponder sequences from the “AR-Emails” folder. You need to make some changes to the emails like putting your names, etc.

 There are instructions for that in the “ReadMeFirst” text file. Now, log into your autoresponder and make four new lists. Create new sign-up forms for each list. You need to use “custom” button option for all the forms. You have your button images already uploaded to your domain name. Identify the urls for each of the button images and paste it in the “custom button” option for respective form.

 Now, take the form codes of all the 4 forms and replace these at ta.html, tb.html, tc.html and td.html files respectively at your hosting account. You can find existing codes (Aweber), which are my own form codes. You have to replace these with your form codes. Just select the file and use “Edit Code” option at your hosting account Cpanel. Congratulations! You have done setting up your “Recurring Profit Funnel."

 Now, test it few times to see how it works. Setting up the funnel cannot get easier than this. I made the funnel files in such a way that you can set zoowarrior review up on your own easily













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