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When you’re reading a text-based site, for all you know the pitch by dropmock review could have paid a copy writer $10,000 bucks to write a bunch of text and then put their name on it. But if you’re on video presenting an idea yourself, people can see and hear the words coming from your mouth. So the trust level is much higher because intuitively, subconsciously, people know that the words are coming from your own mouth. It creates a stronger authority and credibility.
Conversion When you get that engagement with your audience through video, it automatically increases your conversion rates.
Gideon’s System for Selling I have two levels of free, before I introduce people to any of my products or more sales messages. The first level of free is my videos on YouTube. This is where people can watch my videos and they don’t have to opt-in for the content. They can decide to subscribe if they want to, but they don’t have to. The second level of my free stuff is where they have to come to my website. They have to give me their pitch by dropmock review  to be able to get access to more advanced stuff, like my 92-page report. Now, by the time they get into my business funnel by giving me their contact details, they’ve already seen two or three of my videos. So they already feel like they know, like, and trust me. So, since they trust me because of the process that they’ve come through, their chance of taking action is much greater. Video just lends itself so well to help you increase those conversion rates.
INFLUENCE A wonderful book to read is Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. He talks about the six weapons of influence, which you can use for good purposes to help people to take a certain action.
I will give you a quick summary, but I really recommend that you read the book as well, as it’s just excellent. It’s the most important pitch by dropmock review book that I’ve ever read and I’ve read a ton of books.
The Six Weapons of Influence
Reciprocity If you give something to someone free, without any strings attached, they automatically want to give something back for you. It really is like the golden rule: give first before you expect to get. It’s just built into our psyche as human beings. When you give first, your chances of receiving becomes much better. Give generously with good heart and it will come back to you. In my process, I give people my free videos and the free report. It’s a reciprocity thing.
Liking When people like you, they want to do business with you. Your ability to influence a person who likes you is so much greater. Video lends itself to people liking you. They build a relationship with you by watching your videos, so they automatically start liking you.
Commitment and Consistency This one is a bit trickier to pull off. Basically, the principle is that when somebody makes a commitment in a certain direction, they’re very likely to stay consistent with that commitment. Let’s say that somebody has watched ten of my videos already and they sign up to my Rapid Video Blogging report for free and for my free video course as well. That’s about two hours of content there. By the time people have gone through all that, they’ve made a commitment to online video, just by spending all this time learning about it. Because of that, they’re likely to stay consistent with that commitment to online video. So, if I then have a product that’s in line with that, that extends their video knowledge, their chances of continuing in that direction is much higher. So commitment and consistency is more subtle, but it’s very powerful









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