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Let’s say the webinar started at 9:00 pm Eastern. At 10:15 pm Eastern, I’ll broadcast an email with a recap of the offer and it says something like, “I am working on the replay right now, I’ll have it up tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s that offer I gave you on the webinar.” Then there will be a link that goes to my shopping cart. So I’m not being subtle. I’m taking every obstacle out of their way to click on my link and buy my product.
Follow Through with a Second Email The following morning, I have an excuse to send them another email, because I have the replay. So I send that to everybody, of course, with a link to the replay and a link to the offer. Then they get another email on Thursday, as a reminder of the deadline. So that’s a nice, one-two-three punch.
After the Deadline We’ll send a card out, saying something like, “Hey, you missed the deadline, I can offer a “shipping and handling easy estore builder review .” You pay shipping and handling, I’ll give you the product. At the end of 30 days, if you haven’t returned it, I’ll charge you card for the full amount.” That’s a little different offer and you’ll scoop up another 5-10% of the people who didn’t buy on the webinar offer. If you want to get even bolder, the following week you may offer something else.
A Last Chance Offer And the next week after that, you can offer a last chance offer. “Buy it for $97 and we’ll finance it for you and charge you over the next five months,” or something like that. Of course, you shouldn’t be sending those messages to the people that have already bought. That’s a bad thing. If they bought on your easy estore builder review  and now they get this lowball offer, they’re thinking, “Hey, why didn’t I get the low ball offer?”
Snail Mail We sometimes send out cards with offer in the mail. I used to print my sales letter in the send out cards. I didn’t get very much response at all. When I put a picture of a coupon on a card and said, “This is your virtual coupon,” it worked really well. It was all kind of tongue-in-cheek. I gave them a picture of a little pair of scissors. But it’s a different modality. That’s the key. The first one is webinar, the second one is email driven, the third one is like a physical card. If you keep pounding the same offer down their throats, they’re not going to respond, but if you change it and tweak it a little bit… they will.
FILLING A WEBINAR Let’s say I am going to do a webinar with somebody who has a list of 10,000 or 30,000 people. I would give that person three emails to send to their list. We send the first email out on a Thursday, telling them about the Tuesday webinar. We send another email on Monday, reminding them again. Then I send one on Tuesday, the day of the webinar.
Building a List Obviously the best solution is to have your own list. Here’s the dirty little secret: if you and I do a webinar and you’ve got a list of 30,000 people and I have a list of none, then everyone that signs up for our webinar becomes a part of my email list. The whole idea is that they click one button and they’re registered for both easy estore builder review  and your Auto-responder at the same time. That’s the cleanest way to do it. So, let’s say that you do a webinar with a big fish that has 30,000 emails and he manages to get a 1,000 people to register for your webinar. Well, you just added a 1,000 people to your email list. Those people now are on your list and you can market to them forever.








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