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In most of the businesses I’m involved in, I’m the sole owner and operator.
Business Development As the years progress, I’m trying to build one business on top of the next. We’ve got some big projects that we would love to do a few years down the foovly review . I don’t have a lofty goal to make millions and millions of dollars, because I know that that’s not necessary. I just need to make a sufficient amount of income to cover my costs, live a great lifestyle, and then reinvest most of it back into the business.
Millionaire Lifestyle People want to live like millionaires, but if you’re creative it doesn’t have to cost you millions of dollars. That’s what I’ve found living abroad: you can have a fantastic foovly review and feel like a millionaire, but it’s surprisingly affordable. I’m living in a place where, if I can bring in a couple thousand bucks a month, I’m sorted. You live like a king. You don’t need millions. If you get there, that’s fantastic. But my goal is just to do work that I enjoy, help people out, make a bit of cash, and have fun with it.
Spend Deliberately Everything boils down to living your life consciously and deliberately – not left to chance. Part of that means that you’re spending your money consciously and deliberately. A lot of people blow money on all kinds of stuff. It’s fine to spend tons of money on the things that really make you happy, but stop wasting it on other things just because. Use your resources wisely.
Look Forward Even if you have a great foovly review going on now, nothing lasts forever. In entrepreneurship, you want to stay on the lookout for future opportunities. So always be building multiple business ideas and seeing what works

Reinvest Reinvest in yourself and in your business. That’s something that I wish I had done sooner. Don’t be a penny pincher. Early on, you might consider selling your television and dropping your $130 a month phone plan. Stop going out on weekend benders and spending $200 on beer and instead think about the smartest, best place that you could put that money. You could outsource some of the work or buy a resource to build your business. Don’t be afraid to reinvest. It’s the smartest way you can use your cash.
Do What You Love Focus on the things that you really enjoy. If you’re in a position to bring in other people to cover the stuff that you don’t enjoy and focus on what you do, that makes everything so much easier.
Help People Remember, at the end of the day, you’re in business to help people. Focus on the people that you’re serving and establishing a connection with your customers. That will make all the difference. In business and life, it’s all about the people. I’m 100% focused on people. I love to go to places because I know there’s someone living there who I want to go visit. I love sharing unique experiences with other people.


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