Push Button Traffic Review – Free and organic traffic at your fingertips

Push Button Traffic Review – Free and organic traffic at your fingertips   

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The game’s changed. You can build businesses off of other push button traffic review . You can build a whole business around Microsoft or Facebook or Twitter or whatever it may be. HootSuite is supposedly on track for ten million bucks and their business is totally based off of another business. You need to leverage other platforms. So, we’re trying to integrate within Salesforce, because we know it has a lot of users. MailChimp and a lot of other providers. If you can integrate with enough of them, not only does it make your product more sticky, but customers are less likely to cancel your product because they’re so deeply integrated into their daily operations. They’re like, “Well, if we use Salesforce and all of these, we should just use KISSmetrics as well. If we cancel our KISSmetrics, we won’t get this data anymore.” So they continue to pay you.
Future of the Internet Mobile has really been kicking butt. I think it’s going to be more tablet and mobile based in the next few years. We’re going to start seeing a lot less laptops and computers and more and more mobile phones for everything. Want to buy something? Cool. Click a button and it’s charged to your mobile phone. The Internet is going to start interacting with more offline companies. You don’t have to wait in line at restaurants. If you want a burrito, you can send a text message and they’ll deliver it – all done through the phone.
THE LAST WORD It’s all about the push button traffic review. Move as quickly as possible and don’t let anything stand in your way. If you mess up and you fall down, learn from your mistakes and keep on pushing forward.
ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 1. Love your customers. Neil spends his personal money to make sure his customers are happy.
2. Help customers determine your brand. Your brand is more about what your customers and people think of you than your logo and colors. Once you have a solid customer base, work on fine-tuning your logo and web design. 3. Blog to get consulting gigs and big contracts. Write and give away your best, most complicated advice so companies think, “Man, this is too confusing. Let’s just hire them.” 4. Vest equity to recruit talent. When you’re first starting out and want to recruit talented people, offer stock options to your all-star employees. But vest those options over a four-year period. So each month they earn a little bit more percentage ownership in the push button traffic review. 5. Build a fun company culture. Only hire people who fit with the other people in your company. Work hard together and have fun together. It helps keep everyone accountable to everyone else.










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