ReplyTap Review – Manage your whole customer service aspects.

ReplyTap Review – Manage your whole customer service aspects.

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To create your own designs on replytap review there are two essential
The first is Photoshop. The majority of your design preparation will
be done in Photoshop.
The second of these programs is Illustrator. Illustrator is less popular with
casual designers than Photoshop but it's an extremely versatile program.
For our purposes you won't need to know much about Illustrator. But I will
show you how to use the Live Trace pallet. This is essential for the
graphic designs I’ll be showing you. To confirm this just check out how
many prints there are for sale on eBay and Amazon that use the same
creative techniques I'll show you in this product.
You can download trial versions of Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2 free direct from the replytap review:
If you’re a previous owner of Photoshop CS2 or Illustrator CS2 you can
download full versions at
Adobe warns that these versions should only be downloaded by users
that have previously bought CS2 versions of the software.
Once you've got your programs we'll get started with design basics.

The first Azon Money Method video shows how to create a picture
using Photoshop and Illustrator. The methods I use here are reasonably
simple, but they're endlessly adaptable. That's important because you
need to be able to supply quality AND quantity if you want to make good
money from selling your own designs.
A few points before you watch the video. I'm designing on PC, so substitute Command for Control if you're on a Mac and you're using the replytap review I give you. And your final step in Illustrator should be converting your
design to Live Paint. This command is Object> Live Paint> Make.
This isn’t important for the method of designing that I describe here. But
as you become more advanced with Illustrator, Live Paint will enable you
to change the colours of parts of the designs when you individually select
the shapes within the designs.
If you're working with a different pallet of colours or you want to manipulate the design, that's when you'll use Live Paint. However it's not something you'll use to begin with.
Live Trace and Live Paint are Illustrator's best kept secrets. I've worked
with professional designers who didn't know that photographs can be
converted into complex illustrations with one click. You're about to learn
how powerful - and profitable - Photoshop and Illustrator combined can
be. Watch the video here:
First select some photos for your design subject. Run a search on Google
Images to find high quality photographs. Never use mediocre or poor
quality small images, even if you like the photographs. The better quality
the photograph, the easier it will be for you to create a high quality design.
To begin with, work with a plain background. You should first set up a file
in Photoshop. Go to File> New to create it. Make the size 24” x 36”. Save
it as 300 pixels per inch. The abbreviation is 300 px. Press OK and save it
as a PSD.
Choose the background colour that works best with the image you’ve selected. If you need black or white, black will be automatically selected as
your foreground colour. White is your background color.
Press Shift-Backspace to access the Fill pallet. Select either foreground
or background depending on which color you want. OK that and you will
have your background color
If you want a different color for your background, first double click the
foreground square in the Tools pallet. This will bring up the colour picker
pallet. Select the color you want for your background. Then OK that.
Press Shift-Backspace for the Fill pallet. Select Foreground Color for your
new background


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