Zen Titan 2.0 Review – Ideal Solution to Affiliate Marketing

Zen Titan 2.0 Review – Ideal Solution to Affiliate Marketing

Official site: https://goo.gl/hpSd77

Most people who want to build a list believe they have to be called experts
before they can do so.
Well you don't.
One can still build an email list by positioning yourself as a newbie...or you
can position your emails to your list as a documentary of your journey.
Here's are the 2 ways to do it.
Method 1
The Hero’s Journey
When I was interested in creating an IPhone app, i signed up on an email list
of a guy who started a blog...and positioned his emails list as zen titan 2.0 review
about his mistakes, discovery and journey.
He had not created an app already...but promised to share his discoveries and
mistakes and successes to subscribers.
He was not an expert with building apps...but he positioned himself differently
and got me as a subscriber.
You can do the same if you are just starting out in a niche...or if you are scared
of calling yourself an expert.

In the first email you send your subscriber tell them you are not a guru …but
you are just starting out, so you’re chronicling your journey.
Tell them you’ll reveal anything you find useful via zen titan 2.0 review.
And this will help them avoid mistakes.
Tell them you will try things out in the niche and report results to them.
In the process, you can share articles you read online, courses you have bought
and anything you find interesting and related to the topic.
This can work in any niche.
Method 2
The Curator Method
You can position yourself as a curator in your market place- as someone who
reads about a subject and shares your discoveries with subscribers.
You can mail them articles you read, books you read, paid courses you have
studied and videos (etc)...all around the subject.
So in your first email tell zen titan 2.0 review you are not a guru.
But you spend time studying the subject or niche daily.
And because of that you usually find helpful tips and advice from many
sources and will share it with them.
This makes it possible for you to share anything around that niche to
subscribers …whether it was written by you or by another person.

So YouTube videos, articles, books and courses can be emailed to subscribers.
You do not copy anyone anyone’s work.
All you do is summarize whatever you read in 1 sentence then send that mail
with a link.
You’ll see the sample emails in the email folder.
You job now is to help subscribers get the best information about the subject.
With these 2 strategies, you don't have to be a world renowned expert to build
a list...you can position yourself differently and still get people interested to
join YOU.
You can even combine the 2 strategies and use it to send emails to your list.
See the exact blueprint below.








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