Adreel Review – The only Animated Video Ads platform ever

Adreel Review – The only Animated Video Ads platform ever.

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I ended up going to the other friend and told him what I found out, just thought
he should know that he’s missing out on some additional cash and I don’t think he
believed it at first. It took him a few months to start pushing and doing SEO for
himself, and he saw a difference. He’s currently ranking #4 in that city and says
he’s bringing in an additional 4-5K/mo in sales, which is pretty good for a little bit
of work, right?
The point of this story is, for you to offer adreel review to someone else, and not do it
for yourself is a bit silly. It’s kind of like when you go to a Dairy Queen Drive Thru
to get a shake or ice cream (what they’re known for) and they don’t have any,
they ran out or their ice cream machine is down. How ridiculous is that!?
Maybe you can’t rank nationally for a high search keyword but it doesn’t mean
you can’t be performing SEO on your own site. Same with every other service, you
should be testing that out on yourself before other businesses!
Very recently I was helping out in a mastermind group, answering questions for
beginners. I later realized that the beginners were people who haven’t gotten
started and that the “experienced” people weren’t experienced at all, they were
One person, who said they had a lot of adreel review, was frustrated because of the
lack of sales. Everyone always wants more sales, but she wasn’t doing very well at
all and only had maybe one or two clients since starting. After a little bit of
digging, I found out that she doesn’t focus on one service at all, she is all over the
Of course when flaws are pointed out, people naturally get a bit defensive. I told
her that it’s no wonder why she is failing; she keeps jumping around from one
service to another trying to be everything to everyone.
Her rebuttal was, “Well being everything to everyone seems to be working for
me, that’s how I got my second client”. I responded, “And that is the same reason
why you haven’t been able to get a third client.”
She was selling mobile apps, and then jumped to social media management, then
to thinking about online reputation management. Is it any wonder why nothing
has worked? You have 2 clients in a period of who knows how long, and you jump
from offering one service to another. It doesn’t work like that. I can’t offer web
design one week and then offer apps and drop the web design.
When we look at companies that have made it big, it is easy to see how they
make a lot of money cross-selling, up-selling, etc. but do you know why they got
big in the first place? They usually did one thing, very well. GoDaddy, wasn’t
known for the Website Tonight website builder, or their own design services.
They weren’t really known for the hosting much or SSL certificates, but they were
known for domain names.
Today, if you use GoDaddy, they have quite a few different services that
complement each other. When you buy an adreel review, you can pay extra for
privacy, add hosting, add an SSL sertificate, pay for the website tonight service or
have them build out your website.
Porsche, is a car that is a fantasy for most of us to have right? What is their
purpose? Is their purpose to try to be everything to everyone? Are they marketed
to lower to middle class families? They have properly identified their target
market and to the rest of us, it is just a nice dream.
Another company that has really been making a big push in the online space is Even though I detest them, and hate the quality of their service, their
marketing and advertisements are working. You’ve seen the commercials, try us
for free for your website; we design it, yada yada, only pay for it if you like it.
While I wouldn’t recommend offering free website design services, what they
have effectively done is build a huge reputation with websites. Now they have
been able to launch a complimentary service that offers facebook fan page
design, and they’re charging a monthly fee for it. Free to build, pay XX amount
each month if you’re satisfied.
In my opinion, is a rip off, but they have done exactly what we all should
be doing. Start off with one service, and once there is a foundation of clientele,
launch a new service that compliments it.
When you start your own web agency, you have to identify yourself, your
purpose, and your target market and buyer personas.


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