WP Content Guard Review – Maximize Content Protection for WordPress Blogs

WP Content Guard Review – Maximize Content Protection for WordPress Blogs

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A problem a lot of people have on twitter is that they make things too
promotional. They struggle building up enough followers to make an impact
because every tweet is about their company or promoting company content. It’s
not a bad thing to promote your own stuff but you can’t go overboard. You want
a nice mix of conversations, promoting your own wp content guard review, other peoples content,
and just general observations.
I had this friend a few years ago, actually it was about 7 or 8 years ago, time has
been flying! He’s not a friend anymore, and probably never really was. The group
of people we hung out with was all equally annoyed with him. He was the type of
person that became sold on multi level marketing and pyramid schemes every
month or so. There was never a time any of us hung out without him trying to
promote his new interest to us. It was annoying, obnoxious and it isn’t a good way
to make friends or keep friends!
When you’re on twitter, you don’t want to be that guy. Like almost anything in
the social arena it is about building wp content guard review, not over promotion.
On Twitter, you of course want quality followers, but that isn’t an excuse to have
a lame number and an awful ratio. If you see someone that is following 1,000
people and only have 25 followers, a trigger sets off in your brain and you
probably realize something isn’t right there!
You want to become an authority in your industry, and having a decent amount of
followers gives the perception of social authority. The more followers you have
the more you can extend your influence and your content can echo throughout
the twitterverse.
My favorite way of using twitter isn’t for trying to get sales, or any kind of lead
generation. If it happens, that’s great, but it isn’t the purpose in my opinion. I
think it is part of a great SEO and content marketing strategy to implement in
order to get additional promotion and natural link building.
Many bloggers use twitter, and those that are practicing an inbound marketing
strategy tend to always be looking for content to link to, reuse, and promote to
their wp content guard review.
You can also use twitter for ideas to blog about, or content to release.
Overall, Twitter is another brand property you can control but it is also very
important for the promotion of your brand and medium for content marketing
which will end up bringing you top of the funnel leads indirectly.
YouTube is an awesome tool for SEO and additional search
real estate.
Video is such an awesome tool that is at our disposable. There are obvious
benefits in using video, like a whiteboard animation video on our home page or a

landing page in order to help us convert traffic into leads. With YouTube being the
second largest search engine (and Google owned property) it is definitely
something that simply can’t be ignored.
My favorite use for YouTube for clients is to pick up on easy long tailed keywords
with simple and basic animoto slideshow style videos. While one can debate how
well it works all they want, and how you should use a higher quality video if you
want real results, the proof is in the pudding. One client of mine who owns a tree
service and tree removal company in the south has had over 1,000 calls in 18
months from one stupid simple slideshow video that is ranking in the top 3 for
tree service and tree removal in one of the cities he’s targeted. We also made
videos for surrounding cities that have generated additional 500-600 calls.
You can use that strategy for yourself too, but it is definitely a great service for
clients. Even with basic videos created with a $5/mo account with animoto, you
can still charge a decent fee for the creation of the video along with the ranking of
the video. I’ve seen people charge anywhere from $50/mo to $500/mo and
customers have no problem paying those amounts because it works. It provides
value. For some of these customers if they were with a pay per lead program they
would be paying anywhere from $10-$75 per lead. The value they gain from this is
truly exceptional, as long as you’re able to get results.
Google has integrated regular organic search with videos being pulled from
YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo and other video providers. You will want to optimize
your video titles and descriptions to pick up on valuable keywords. One of the
reasons I’ve been able to get clients some very good success with this strategy is
because I fit the phone number of the company (tracking number) into the title of
the video so when people see it in the SERPs, they don’t have to click the video to
watch it, they see the number right there in the results. You will be surprised
when you look at the tracking number and the calls and see nearly triple or
quadruple the amount of calls than there are views for the video.










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