Tidalwave Traffic Review – Traffic is not a problem anymore

Tidalwave Traffic Review – Traffic is not a problem anymore

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If you’ve already completed the first three steps in this report, then you have your
initial list of experts. These are the authors of all the credible articles, scholarly
papers, books, blogs and other expert information.
However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these tidalwave traffic review .
Instead, think local. Who in your local area can you contact? This person doesn’t even
need to have a web presence, a published book or anything else. He or she just needs
to be an authority figure or person who’s uniquely qualified to discuss the topic (as
mentioned above).
Let me give you a few more examples:

If you’re writing a book about the entrepreneur mindset, then
talk to local business owners in your area.


If you’re writing a book about tidalwave traffic review, interview veterinarians, dog
trainers, groomers, breeders and those who manage rescue


If you’re writing a book about yoga, interview a yoga instructor.
You might also interview a doctor (perhaps a holistic doctor) to

discuss the health benefits of yoga.
Point is, there are experts all around you, both online and offline.
b. Request an Interview
The reason I ask you to consider a variety of experts is because not everyone will say
yes to your request.
Indeed, those experts who DO have an online presence and/or a popular book are
likely to get inundated with requests.
People want to interview them, they want these experts to use their social influence to
promote the requester’s tidalwave traffic review , etc. You may even have a hard time reaching them
directly, as they’ll have “gate keepers” set up to filter all the requests.
On the flip side, your local yoga instructor or veterinarians probably aren’t slammed
with interview requests. Yes, these folks are busy with their own businesses and their
own lives, but getting an interview request is a fairly novel thing. It’s actually quite
flattering, which makes it all the more likely that this person will say yes.
Regardless of whether you’re requesting an interview from the biggest expert in your
niche or the small-town business, you need to keep the following in mind: Consider
using something other than email to make that initial contact.
You see, people get lots of email. And the big experts in your niche get lots of
requests by email. Thus a request coming through another channel often gets more
This “other channel” might include the postal mail, the telephone, Facebook, a private
message on a forum or something else that may have less “noise” than email.
Tip: If you want to interview someone locally, then pick up the
phone or stop by in person to make your interview request.
Let me give you a sample message you might send to this person. This sample will
also give you an idea of what to say on the phone:






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