Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

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Amazon relies on tags entered when the product listing is created to help show products in
search results when consumers enter words like the list above into the alterzon review search bar.
Those tags may have come from a 3rd party seller who is trying to rank for particular
phrases but it doesn’t necessarily mean the product matches the customer’s definition of
that word. Or, the person who created the listing left out any tag related to size because
they thought it wasn’t important.
Things get even more interesting if you try to shop on Amazon for the superlative of
various sizes. Think size words with –est on the end like alterzon review, smallest, narrowest, and
Amazon DOES NOT have that information. You can’t get Amazon to filter by size for many
kinds of products for which size is a significant deciding factor for consumers.
Amazon cannot tell a consumer which bookshelf is the tallest, which sofa is the longest,
which kitchen table is the smallest, or which bathtub holds the most gallons.
Search for “smallest coffee table” on Amazon and the first few products aren’t even coffee
tables?! Look up those phrases in alterzon reviewand you’ll see that Amazon doesn’t rank for those kinds of
searches, either.
This is a weak spot in Amazon and I assure you that consumers are using these kinds of
words to find the ideal product for their unique situation.

How We Benefit
As affiliate marketers, any time we don’t have to fight retailers – especially Amazon – for
rankings in Google AND we can rank for product keywords for which people WANT
information then we have a winning combination on our hands.


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