Snapify Review – Boosting Conversions Is So Easy

Snapify Review – Boosting Conversions Is So Easy

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We’ve all seen countdown timers on sales pages.
But what about in emails?
Yeah the Digital Marketer team have just released a great new plugin
called snapify review that lets you add a countdown timer inside your
Guaranteed to increase urgency and shoot up email open rates.

The best way to keep your list engaged, opening and clicking, and
buying what you recommend is to keep it SUPER relevant to what they
signed up for.
If they opted in to hear about snapify review then sending them emails
recommending Kindle products probably isn’t going to appeal to most
of them.
Stick with something super targeted and you’ll make more affliate

One of the best ways to make increased sales as an affliate is to pick a
proftable affliate niche to begin with.
Remember this quote and you’ll do well..
“Everyone wants to get paid, laid and live forever- if your snapify review falls
into any of these areas you’re onto a winner.
Some niches just aren’t designed to make money or don’t have enough
affliate products.

Another key way to making money from affliate marketing is to make
sure your business model is suited to affliate marketing.
The 5 main affiliate businesses are:
Affliate Blogs
Product Review Sites
Coupon & Discount Websites
Comparison Websites
Unusual Product Site
You can learn more about these here and how to put them into action....


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