Commission Typhoon Review - Is This Course Really For You?

Commission Typhoon Review - Is This Course Really For You?

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The best way to sell commission typhoon review is to
always be giving out value.
Lots of valuable content for no charge.
Free tips and advice.
Great customer service.
Interaction with your audience.
Making yourself seems like a real person who can be contacted.
This build trust and shows you’re someone worth listening to

Banner ads have stupidly low click through rates and aren’t an effective
way to sell affliate products.
Stick to putting links throughout your commission typhoon review

Use links throughout your content and keep them in content.
It’s fne to have a few big call to actions followed by a big link especially
at the end of the review or promotion but not constantly throughout the
content as it just looks spammy and sales-y.

There’s nothing worse than when an affliate just copies the sales page
or uses swipe fles to promote it.
It shows no thought has gone into the promotion and probably means
you haven’t really used it.
Be original. Write your own thoughts about the commission typhoon review not what the
product vendor wants people to hear.
When your audience see you’re just using swipe fles or copy by the
product vendor they’ll lose faith in you


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