VidSite Pro Review – Instant Builder of Authority Video Websites

VidSite Pro Review – Instant Builder of Authority Video Websites

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Here is a recent success story stemming from Step 5. A client came to me to market his
true love — dog breeding. He has become one of the largest and most legitimate
breeders of his favorite breeds, but he needed help differentiating his business from
thousands of his online competitors. The strategic advantage in this particular case was
that the client’s other business is his own television show in an unrelated genre. Since
he is a TV personality, we brainstormed ideas on how we could utilize this fact and
differentiate him from his dog breeding competition. After we completed the Steps 1-4,
we started linking his dog breeding business in biography sections of his online
celebrity profile pages. These were websites where only TV stars with their own shows
have profiles. I added additional information in the bio sections of these celebrity
pages. This added value to the publisher, giving their pages more complete information
about the celebrity, and the client’s dog breeding business also received additional links
and citations that no other competitors could access. This example, although fresh and

recent in my mind, is by no means the cleverest vidsite pro review I have ever come up with, but
hopefully it is enough to get your creative juices flowing. The idea that runs through
Step 5 is to think outside the box, while remaining inside the search engine guidelines.
Remember that the overall goal is always to create links, citations, and social mentions
that add value to the person reading the information on the publisher’s website, and
awareness to the client’s website.

I have always kept track of my clients’ search engine rankings and analytics. This is
something that I do on a daily basis. The first vidsite pro review I compile are their beginning search
engine rank positions and initial website traffic. This establishes the first benchmark
and leads to setting realistic goals. Early on I would send reports on a weekly or even
daily basis, but my clients found this process bulky. It is inconvenient to be inundated
with frequent e-mails, especially with file attachments, so I had to create a solution for
each client based on the highest-priority information and figure out the best way to share
it. Sometimes it was vidsite pro review, e-mail, online document sharing, or even text messages
with reports. I was separately sharing documents with my writers, graphic artists,
programmers, and in-house team members. Then I was figuring out how and when to
share the important data in the optimal way. You can imagine what a mess this was for
my clients and for me! The 8 Steps led me to create a new way of working with my


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