Blog Defender 2018 Review - Why Should You Buy This Security System?

Blog Defender 2018 Review - Why Should You Buy This Security System?

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(Simple to the point headline that list‟s the main benefits of this
product whilst still addressing the current problem that is people
who are struggling to get people to read their offers via email.)
Hi folks,
Are you currently struggling like crazy to get your
Subscriber‟s to read your emails?
Or do you need to write a "swipe file" for a Solo
Ad seller?
You probably don't know what to write, nor do you
have the time.
Experienced Internet Marketer Gavin Birchall has solved
that problem with "D.F.Y.E."! (done for you emails)
(The very first paragraph begins with a simple greeting, a to the
point description of the problem (not knowing how to write
effective swipe emails) and then a short sentence that goes into
an instant solution and lists the main benefits)
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(Now you‟ve got a chance to insert your link. You need to take
advantage of knowing that your readers are now going to be more
receptive to clicking your first link and are ready to buy your

This final sentence seal‟s the deal so to speak by further
reassuring your readers that this product is the one for them.
How simple is that? Now I‟m sure you can now take this very
affiliate email formula and use it to your advantage.

Remember that you also have the advantage of knowing that you‟re
going to be promoting some of the BEST selling affiliate products online
from the list of products you chose in the last module. These products
have been tested by their owners again and again and again and are
proven to convert.
By combining this with the formula we‟ve just given to you; you‟ll soon
see your open and click through rates begin to hit the roof. Not to
mention your commissions will soar to new blog defender 2018 review too.
Personal Experience Emails – Now we understand that not all
of you may have bought the products you‟re going to be
Don‟t worry because you now have the very formula you need in
the first example to be able to provide value in your emails and
still be able to increase response rates and make more sales from
your chosen blog defender 2018 review too.
But if you have bought and used any of the products you‟re going
to be promoting then you can dramatically increase your
conversion rates for every email you send out to your list of
subscribers. If you‟ve made money using these products then you
have a great chance of displaying your results to your readers and
this in turn will explode your earnings from your emails.
Here‟s an example of one the emails we‟ve used in the past to
promote a blog defender 2018 review from a vendor we‟ve personally been
customers of in the past. It‟s a great example of how you can use
your previous experience of buying someone else‟s products to
increase your open & click rates plus make more sales at the same
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