Chat Lead Matrix Review – Creating Chatbots in Minutes

Chat Lead Matrix Review – Creating Chatbots in Minutes

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Crazy Egg Can Tell You Where Your Visitors Are Looking
& Clicking
chat lead matrix review is 'heat' and click tracking software that shows you where
your visitors are clicking and browsing on your page.
After using their scroll map feature I found that hardly any of my
visitors were reaching the area where my second side bar opt in was
so instead moved it up to a higher visibility area and opt ins have
steadily increased.
Conversion Rate Eggperts...I mean experts (sorry!) used Crazy Egg
to see what was distracting their visitors, removed them, and saw
25.9% more converions (Source: chat lead matrix review
Put Opt In Forms On All Major Pages
There's no sense in having pages on your site that don't have opt in
boxes especially on high trafficked pages.
Derek Halpern publicy called Pat Flynn out for not having opt in boxes
on high visited pages such as his about me and video pages.
When Pat added them he saw a 30.24% increase in sign ups to his
email list (
chat lead matrix review)
You'll see I have opt in boxes on all pages (I think!) including the
toolbox page – and it converts!
To increase opt ins from individual pages offer related incentives such
as a free guide on how to use your 5 favourite tools on the toolbox
page or a special video on your video page for example.

Use Personalised Opt In's And Increase Sign Ups By
Amazon uses custom buttons related to the pages you are visitng
Source) and Vero increased sign ups by 150% in 4 weeks using
personal opt ins related to the post (
If you have a post on 31 Ways To Promote Blog Posts then a custom
after post opt in offering a report with 10 more ways to promote your
posts will convert well.
Look out for this on NicheHacks in the near future.


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