FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

Official Site: https://goo.gl/xwwRU5

What’s important here as mentioned in the “Entry Chapter” – Chapter 1, where we have
covered the basics of this powerful method is… BRAND AWARNESS.
You need to make an impression of a guru/specialist in your niche whether that is web
design or marketing consulting or whatever it is.
You need to look famous!
This technique will work in almost all fb comazon review, so questions like “will it work for my niche”
are redundant.
FIRST - I strongly recommend you to use your face on your ad. Yes, ignore all your inner
voices that are screaming now like “Nooooo, don’t listen to him, you should be crazy to
do that” and just do it.
Find a good picture of you and just add it to your ad banner.

An exception will be if you have a strong brand that you want to represent and drive the
business behind the scenes. But again, think twice before placing your logo instead of
your own picture.
Just find one you are smiling, if you have no photos like this, create one.
You don’t need to create the best looking ad out there. It’s not true that your ad should
be beautiful and well structured.
It should be recognizable.
I just created one for 2 minutes and here fb comazon review is:

Well, if you are not James Bond, reading this report I highly recommend to change the
photo with your own!
Most of the best converting fb comazon review look sooo ugly that you will not believe they are top
Ad your photo to the left or the right side of the ad and add a catchy title on the opposite
side and a call to action below it. Just like it is shown above.
Your title can be anything like “Double your affiliate income”, or “Double your affiliate
sales”, or just like the one on the ad above. Short, straight to the point.








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