Oninbox Review – Empower Email Marketing Campaigns

Oninbox Review – Empower Email Marketing Campaigns

Official Site: https://goo.gl/hFnKFc

When I advertise on these sites I use a link shortener. I have “pretty-links” on
one of my domain names that I use; however, Bit.ly would work just as good

I touched on “classified sites” in the previous oninbox review ; however, it is worth
pointing out there are more ways to attract potential buyers and also ways of
“tracking” down potential clients for your digital services.
Here you have two choices…
1) Direct your potential buyer to your eBay listing as mentioned previously.
2) Negotiate the business deal and invoice your new client via PayPal
Both methods work well; however, if you use option 2 ALWAYS request 50%
payment up front with the remaining 50% due on delivery of the “project”.
This way you will minimise the chance of being caught out by an unscrupulous
buyer and also ensure you have the “cash” to pay for your “micro outsourcers”
on Fiverr, Gigbucks, Odesk or People Per Hour.
Posting Your “Gig” on oninbox review
This method is a more “reactive” way of grabbing business from Craigslist as
you are posting your adverts in the “hope” someone is looking for your
services via the site.
I’ve had great success with SEO and Graphic Design type gigs on Craigslist and
once again it becomes a numbers game when posting ads, the more you have
on the site the more chance of success.
Also, I like to post multiple ads for the same gig, using different ad copy so I
can “test” which ad is performing best. I would then use that ad on the other
“classified oninbox review”.
Getting started on Craigslist couldn’t be simpler and once you’ve done a few
postings you’ll be able to create your ads in a matter of minutes!
Creating an account with Craigslist is a very straightforward process, simply
follow the instructions they provide and you’ll be ready to sell in less than 15







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