Bing Bang Profits Review – Generate High-Converting Ads Campaigns Effortlessly

Bing Bang Profits Review – Generate High-Converting Ads Campaigns Effortlessly

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Same pan set for sale on bing bang profits review for only £49.99, that’s a GROSS profit
of £46.00 or $70 USD!
My first “test” listing will be priced the same as the MAIN competitor, £95.99
and I will monitor it for 48 hours and if no sales during that period I will reduce
my price.
The FIRST thing I am going to do is create another folder within my
Dropbox/Google Drive Monthly eBay folder and simply save it as the product

Next, I will grab the images from bing bang profits review and save these within this
To do this I simply right click on the image and “save image as” and then save
in that folder. I do this with ALL the images shown in the Amazon description.

Once I have ALL the images downloaded, I do one of two things.
1) Remove the white background as MOST of my competitors simply use
the STOCK images so the bulk of the eBay listings look the same.
2) Overlay my images on a “relevant” image or add other relevant images
onto the product image.
We want our listings to
I use Photoshop to remove the backgrounds; however, you could use free
programmes such as GIMP, or even free sites such as or
Can you guess which bing bang profits review is mine below?

From the previous image you can see MOST of the other sellers are simply
using the stock images and they end up causing “image blindness”.
By spending a few minutes to “tweak” the main product image our listings
STAND OUT from the crowd and “catch” the eye of our potential customers.
There’s nothing complicated about removing image backgrounds and adding a
simple border to one of the stock images and then pasting these on a “related”
image; however, taking the time to learn and apply this could be the difference
between one or two sales or MANY sales!
It’s these “little” things that make a LOT of difference.


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