eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way - eCom and Shopify Work For You

eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way - eCom and Shopify Work For You

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Amazon has some amazing marketing strategies built into their
platform, which can help your book gain marketing push. Basic
Amazon marketing strategies and techniques at your disposal
• Your Author Central page, where you simply write your bio and
upload your best photo to create the best author page you can.
• Choosing 7 keywords for your ecom alliance review .
• A book description area, which is 4000 characters long. Later,
we will discuss how you can make most of those 4000 characters.
• Pricing strategy during free promotions. If your regular price is
$2.99, you should consider raising it to $4.99, $6.99 or $9.99 just
before the free promo. People will feel that are getting a better
deal if they download a free book that was originally priced at
$9.99 than a book that was priced at $0.99. The perceived value
is higher if the book price is higher.
• CreateSpace printed ecom alliance review. If you have a printed version of
your Kindle book, your book will be perceived as more valuable
because Kindle buyers will see “You Save: $19.99 (100%)”
message in red when your book is featured in a free promo. Plus,
you will earn some money selling printed versions of your book

Amazon also has many lists that can help your book marketing.
Besides the bestsellers’ lists in every category, there are the "Hot
New Releases" list, the "Most Wished For" list, the "Gift Ideas" list,

etc. Amazon algorithms change all the time, but new and popular
books will always rank better. “New” means released in the last 30
days. It's important to get into the "Also Bought Books" list after a
few sales. Being on more lists means more exposure for you and
your book. Here is a screenshot of the various ecom alliance review


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