Snaply Review – New Traffic Trick - $214.9 per day

Snaply Review – New Traffic Trick - $214.9 per day

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Kindle Samurai has this great feature built in that analyzes
snaply review in the Kindle Search and gives recommendations.
Anything marked as “excellent” is a great keyword phrase. This
tool paid for itself after only two days.
In summary, when using snaply review, use your keywords in the title
if you can. If you can’t, use them in your subtitle or your
description. This will be useful because you will be able to put
your book in the exact category you want and it will be used for
search purposes. Also, find the best keywords combinations and
put them in the KDP keywords list

How to Write a Killer Book Description
Remember, we don’t have a platform, network, or “tribe,” and we
don’t want to bug our friends and family members for help. We
want to execute the book launch alone and all we can use is our
brain and the marketing options Amazon gives us, so we must
come up with the best title, cover, subtitle, categories, keywords
and book description we can.
The length of the book description area is 4000 characters, and
it’s up to you to work wonders with that space! You can hit #1 only
if your book contains all the ingredients of a good book, including
an awesome snaply review . Your book’s description will entice
consumers to buy your book, so it has to be great.
Thinking like a copywriter when you sit to write your book
description will help. This involves finding all possible benefits of
your book and working with them to create a description that sells.
When selling to someone, you have to achieve four goals. People
will want to buy your book because:
• It solves their problem.
• It is what they need.
• It is clearly explained.
• It hits them emotionally.
Amazon customers have to find good reasons to buy your nonfiction book. They will compare it with the best-selling books and if
they don’t find anything interesting in your book, they’ll skip it.
To begin writing your book description, start by writing a long list
of benefits, without confusing them with the features of your book.


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