ResponseSuite Review – Getting Targeted Leads While Increasing Conversions

ResponseSuite Review – Getting Targeted Leads While Increasing Conversions

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Often, they might have special format or size requirements since they might want to print
them or use them on business cards. Ensure you always communicate with your Fiverr
seller that they are able to meet special requirements before hiring them. Most of the time,
your client will communicate with you their requirements. However, always ask your clients
as much information as possible, to ensure you get their needs and exactly what they want:
What do you plan to use the logo for?
Does the logo need to be printable?
What are the sizing/dimensions you would prefer?
Any logos you presently like from competitors or other companies?
What format does the logo need to be in?

Will it be used on your website? (compressed/formatted for web use)
Fee: Charge around $50-$100 for logo design, depending on the complexity, format and
needs of the client.
The transaction: Once the lines of communication are open (the client responds and is
interested and wants a price), forward the details for the logo design project to your favorite
Fiverr seller for a custom quote. If you need more details, be sure to ask your client first.
Once you receive a price from the Fiverr seller for the job, add your margin (as mentioned
earlier in the ebook) and give that price to the seller.
Once the seller agrees on the price, invoice them with a tool like
NutCache. Ask for a 50%
deposit. Once they paid the responsesuite review , hire the Fiverr seller. Once the Fiverr seller completes
the work, send the deliverables to your client using DropBox. You may choose the
watermark the logo until the client pays the rest of the invoice. If the client asks for
revisions, ask the Fiverr seller to make the changes. Most Fiverr sellers allow revisions.
Once the client is happy, send them a thank you message, get paid, and be on your way!
There are a lot of people and business owners looking for voiceovers for their answering
machines, voicemails, narrations, YouTube videos and explainer videos. The arbitrage is
fantastic here since most clients expect to pay a decent amount for a high quality voice over.
You can connect them with various styles and voices through Fiverr, and charge an amount
that has more than a 50% margin. You can get voiceovers done very inexpensively on Fiverr
and most sellers allow for one responsesuite review so even if your client is not completely satisfied, it's
as simple as getting the seller to tweak it.
Fiverr sellers: Choosing a Fiverr seller to subcontract the voiceover work to will always
vary depending on the project. Some people might need a female voice, others might need a
male voice. Fortunately, there’s a tremendous amount of variety of talent on Fiverr to serve
any client you find. Search “voice over” “responsesuite review” or “keyword voiceover” for specific
voiceovers such as male, british, deep, movie trailer, etc.


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