Cryptosuite Review - Why You Should Buy This Cryptocurrency Software

Cryptosuite Review - Why You Should Buy This Cryptocurrency Software

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Step 3, click on the Create Campaign
Give the campaign a name as you like, set objective
as cryptosuite review . And then choose an ad set with
name of Angle 1 (you will have 3 angels per campaign,
each angle can be a unique point of view about the
offer). Below, there is “create new ad”, here give it a
name “A-1”, you will have ads named “A-2” and “A-3”

So you can see in the beginning, for a single campaign,
we have 3 angles, and each angel has 3 ads inside, thus
you have 3*3=9 ads in the campaign. The angels are
varying with ad copies and the ads are varying with ad
Step 4, click on the Create button and go to create
cryptosuite review
So here, select “Purchase” as pixel for tracking. You
may be confused, this offer is for form submission, why
“purchase”? Ok, “purchase is just a name”, the code
works well with CAKE system, we will show you how to
add the code to your CPA offer.
Budget: Choose Lifetime budget and set $15. And set
the ads for three days, so your daily spend is $5.
Schedule: Set the ads delivery time from 7am - 9pm.
Basically, there are 2 ways to target your audience.
Firstly use cryptosuite review to look for
targeted audience, secondly go to to search
those top ranking websites as interest target.
Location - Living In:
United States: California; Missouri; New Jersey; Ohio;
Pennsylvania; Virginia
Age: 25 - 44
Interests: Elephant Auto Insurance, Auto-Owners
Insurance, Cheap Car Insurance, GEICO, auto
insurance, Lower My Bills Auto Insurance or Direct


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