VidTer Review - 1-Click Video Sites With Unique Content

VidTer Review - 1-Click Video Sites With Unique Content

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Fiverr sellers: There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr prepared to create an awesome site for
your clients very inexpensively. I would look for “create website” “website design” and “web
design”. Again, try to stick to Top Rated Sellers unless you find a new seller who is very
inexpensive that you can build up a good relationship with. Just ensure they are reliable and
will stick around.
Finding clients: Search “need website” “create website” “web designer” “new website”.
Most people searching for someone to create them a website won’t usually be posting ads
that say “I need a web designer”. They will likely say “I need a vidter review for X”. Stick to
searching titles only to make your searches a lot easier.
Fee: Always ask your Fiverr seller for a custom quote after sending them the details that
your client sent you. Again, at a 50% margin or more if it makes sense.
The transaction: Before anything, you need to make sure your client already has a web
host and a domain. If they don’t, this is a tremendous opportunity to make extra money.
People that don’t have these services set up will usually ask their web designer for an
opinion on which hosting provider and domain registrar they should use.

You can simply suggest vidter review for the hosting and NameCheap for the domains and give
them your affiliate links. Let them know that if they purchase these services through your
affiliate links, they will get a discount.
Once you know the client has those services set up, and they show interest and ask for a
price, you provide your Fiverr seller with as much detail as possible about the job to get a
custom quote. Once you get a custom quote, send that to your client. If your Fiverr seller
comes back with more questions, forward those to your client in the first-person.
After your client is happy with the price, send them an invoice asking for a 50% deposit (this
will usually cover the cost of the Fiverr custom gig, if not, ask for more upfront). After the
deposit is paid, buy the vidter review. Your Fiverr seller might require a bit of information
before getting started, such as FTP access to upload files or access to your client’s Cpanel.
Whatever your Fiverr seller asks of you, ask that of your client and forward the information.
Once your Fiverr seller completes the job, be sure your client is completely satisfied with it
before marking the gig as complete. You might need to ask the Fiverr seller to make some
revisions and most Fiverr sellers include this for free.


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