The Resellers Academy Review – Thorough Training Course Paired with PLR

The Resellers Academy Review – Thorough Training Course Paired with PLR

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I highly recommend creating a simple website, even a one page portfolio that you can send
to clients so that they can take a look at the kind of work you can provide. Not only will this
make you look more professional but also more trustworthy.
There are two kinds of websites you can create. The first is the personal portfolio where you
act as a freelancer. You would create a simple website, using your name, talking a bit about
yourself, showing off your work in a portfolio section or page (from the samples you
purchased on Fiverr to test sellers) and a contact form. I would include a picture of myself.
People want to see you. Remember, the more transparency, the more trust and easier it will
be for people to do business with you.
The second way, and the way I recommend is to position yourself as a service broker. This is
what I did and what I would recommend. It's much more honest and it provides you the
opportunity to be transparent with your clients.
So for example, I had WordPress Rockstars as the name of my service brokerage and I
brokered any kind of WordPress service someone needed. To describe what I did, my hook
was: “We have over 100 employees in our database, wanting to do your WordPress job for

My portfolio contained screenshots of work that I had Fiverr sellers do for me when I was
testing them such as install WordPress themes, fix WordPress bugs or improve the security
on WordPress sites.
I like to include prices on the site with basic packages I offer. People like to see prices.
Understand that with some services, this is not possible. This is not required on your
My contact form included a sentence that said “Describe your job in detail and we will pair
you up with the best WordPress Rockstar to do your job for you”.
Use the descriptions and features from your Fiverr sellers to better describe your services. If
you’re unfamiliar with web design jargon, borrow features and FAQs from your favorite
sellers. Remember, all the skills and features they offer, you can offer as well.
To create your website, I'd recommend keeping it really simple. I would recommend using
WordPress. I think having it on your own domain is very important to make it look more
professional. I use
the resellers academy review to register my domains.
For hosting, I like
SiteGround, it's really inexpensive and their servers are fast. Plus, they
have one-click installs for WordPress, so setting up your WordPress website will be a breeze.
When choosing a theme, I like
ThemeForest for premium themes. For $40 you can get a
beautiful looking website that will also act as your portfolio. I would search for portfolio
themes under their WordPress themes. The WordPress repository also has nice looking free
themes. Again, search for portfolio themes.
The important pages you need are your the resellers academy review, which quickly and easily describes what
you offer. An about page, preferably with your face and real name on it. A portfolio showing
off past work. A contact page with a contact form so that prospective clients can contact you.
Since you are likely purchasing a domain, I'd recommend setting up an email as well.
Something like or the resellers academy review will work well.


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