Sociowide Review – Complete Graphic Platform for Social Media

Sociowide Review – Complete Graphic Platform for Social Media

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In Module 6, I showed you a little about Keyword Research. What I showed you in
that module is literally 90% of what you need to do for your GIG! You are basically
90% through with the funnel at this point.
So I will show you what additional sociowide review you need to take to complete your
product and then all you need to do is deliver it to your buyer along with a thank
you letter that will house your list building Squeeze page link and you’re done!
1) Sign-in to Adwords and open the Keyword Tool

Now you know exactly what to do to create the final product for your GIG…
Creating your GIG will take 10 minutes or less. I can whip out a product in about 5
minutes total and another 5 minutes to send it to my buyer along with my thank
you/recommendation letter.
Your homework for this section is to go back through Google’s Keyword Tool and
practice creating a keyword product of 100 highly trafficked keywords.
Next, let’s talk about adding those buyers to your sociowide review through a quick and
simple thank you page!

Making money on Fiverr is fast and easy! For a good 4 hours of work, you could
make as much money as most people could make working a 90 hour week!
The best part of the funnel I designed is that the money you make through Fiverr
is nothing compared to the money your list will be worth! Once you complete
your product and have it read to deliver to your sociowide review, you are going to draft a
thank you letter.
The Report
When you deliver the report to your buyers, you want to make sure they
understand which keywords to focus on and how they should implement those
keywords to improve their SEO goals.
You want your buyers to focus on keywords that have a MEDIUM to LOW
competition. They can still focus on HIGH competition keywords but ranking for
those keywords may take much longer than LOW competition keywords.
Don’t forget to let your buyers know that they should focus on keywords that are
searched NO LESS THAN 1000 times a month!
Buyers will use these keywords in the content of their sites and products. Just
make sure that they DO NOT OVERLOAD on keywords which could actually work
against them when it comes to SEO.
Thank You Letter
For your thank you letter, I want you to really be creative and put your personality
to it. Think of your buyers as not only your fans but also your friends.


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