Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Automatic PDF Generator for Affiliate Campaigns

Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Automatic PDF Generator for Affiliate Campaigns

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Create a new PayPal account with this new email address. Set it all up,
and you’re ready to create your new additional Fiverr account. Obviously,

keep the name, bio and profile picture different than your main Fiverr
account just to be safe.
You can sell the same type of gigs if you want. Just don’t use the same
images or videos for your gigs. Hire someone, like I suggest in chapter 3, to
create fresh videos for your gigs.
This is how I am able to make $4000 a month consistently on
. I, at one point, had 60 active auto affiliate machine review in total. I presently only have 17
total that are active since they are the ones that consistently make sales and
sell the most gig extras or multiples. I follow the 80/20 principle. I looked
at all 60 of my gigs over a period of a month and figured out which 20% of
my gigs make 80% of my money. I then started to suspend or delete gigs
one by one, slowly, over time to decrease my workload while still
maintaining a ridiculous earnings figure.
Why? If the other 43 gigs I suspended are only bringing in an extra
$500-$1000 total a month, they’re not worth keeping. I’d rather make
$4000 a month on only 17 gigs than $5000 a month with 60 gigs. Less is
The quickest way to see how a gig is performing is to go under Sales >
My auto affiliate machine review . Here you will see all of your active gigs as well as analytics for
them. What we care about here is Page Views and Conversion Rate. For a
gig to sell well you want between 400-500 page views in the last 30 days (or
more) and a conversion rate of at least 10%. An ideal conversion rate is
15%. The best conversion rate for my top performers is 25%. If you can get
more than that, you have done a great job.
It’s good to keep track of what gig extras are selling and which are not. I
like to give gig extras a trial run for about a month and then evaluate
whether or not the gig extra is worth keeping. This is important since Fiverr
gives you a limited number of Gig Extras per gig depending on your level.
However, it’s important to note that, generally speaking, the more
expensive a gig extra is, the less frequently auto affiliate machine review will sell


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