Madsense Reborn 2.0 Review – No More Struggle to Get Traffic to Your Website

Madsense Reborn 2.0 Review – No More Struggle to Get Traffic to Your Website

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Get a Domain
A domain name is the address of your website which will be used by the traffic
to reach your website. You can think of it as a house number in a community.
Your house must have an address for it to get identified, just like is the address of Google search engine. Generally a domain
name with .com is the best option to choose but these days as there are many
TLD options available, you can select a catchy domain for your website with
.net, .co, .iot, etc. extensions. There are two strategies when it comes to
selecting a madsense reborn 2.0 review . You can select your domain name based on

a) Niche
You can choose your niche as your domain name. For instance, a beauty
website could have a domain name like-, etc.
Similarly, a health-related website may have domain name, Doing this has an advantage over
audience psychology in the sense that they get an idea about the website niche
even before visiting madsense reborn 2.0 review. A research has revealed that 5% of audience looks at
the website domain name before even visiting madsense reborn 2.0 review.
b) Something easy to remember
It is also a good idea to select a domain name with some specialty so that it
can be easily remembered. For example,,,, are easy to remember domains. If you choose to tow this path,
try to select a domain that looks authentic and is easy to remember


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