Quizitri Review – How to Turn Questions into Money?

 Quizitri Review – How to Turn Questions into Money?

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2HGpRa3

Give Advice
What do you do for a living or have a passion in? You don’t necessarily have to be an
expert in anything to charge people $5 for advice. Are you good with cars? You could
give people car advice. Are you good at dating or relationships? You can offer people
relationship or online dating advice.
71. Do Research
There are many users who come on Fiverr looking to outsource research work before
writing a book or putting together a project. If you’re really good at using Google,
then you could easily do this. You can claim $5 for 30 minutes of research, but it
won’t have to take you that long to research a topic.
72. Research Amazon Keywords/Niches For Writers
On Kindle
There is software that will allow you to find what keywords and niches are indemand. A lot of Kindle authors, many of whom use Fiverr, would kill for this kind of
quizitri review  is amazing for this. It allows you to easily research a
niche or keyword for sellers then export it to an Excel file to upload it to your buyer.
5 minutes of work for $4? I’ll take it!
73. Teach Lessons/Language
If you are bilingual or know other languages besides English, you could offer short
lessons on Fiverr for $5 over quizitri review. This also has the potential to allow for some nice
expensive gig extras.
74. Test/Do QA For Apps/Software
A lot of developers need users to test their apps and software to find bugs and
provide feedback. So much so, that they are willing to pay for quizitri review.








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