Click Animate Review – An Animation Tool for All Marketers

Click Animate Review – An Animation Tool for All Marketers

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This works best if you already have a click animate review and how I came about this was completely
by accident.
What happened was I received an email from a JV partner of mine who wanted me
to mail out for them (reciprocate) to one of their latest offers. So naturally I returned
the favour as they had mailed out for me in the past but my click animate review were a lot more
than I‟d expected.

Not too shabby eh; over $600 for one single promotion.
So why did this surprise me? Well because this particular product was well over 3
months old at the time and my JV buddy forgot that I owed them a favour and
asked for the return a little late.
So what I found from this was that sometimes it‟s better to wait until all the noise
from your competition dies down come launch day and promote offers a little while
after they have been launched previously.
A lot of subscribers feel intimidated on launch days due to the high amount of
similar emails (swipe emails) offering the same click animate review or service on that particular
And with all the BONUSES being offered too by 1,000‟s of affiliates they end up
getting overwhelmed by which one is best for them and postpone buying through
your link and end up getting distracted and forget to buy in the first place.
I‟m not saying you should always promote offers this late but it‟s something you
should definitely try in your overall marketing strategy.
Another great tip is to promote to a part of your list that didn‟t open up to take a
look at that particular offer first time round. After all this proves that they didn‟t see
the offer first time round and it gives you a chance of getting another bite of the


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