Email Ramp Review – Promote Anything with World-class Email Sequences

Email Ramp Review – Promote Anything with World-class Email Sequences

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You create ONE membership site charging just $17 a month per
2. Your sales page is converting at anywhere from 5% - 10%
3. That means for every 100 visitors you can add 5 – 10 members into
your site.
4. You drive just 1,000 visitors to your sales page.
5. That’s a possible 50 – 100 members each paying you $17 a month.
6. That’s a possible EXTRA $850 - $1,700 in your emailramp review every
month for setting up a simple system just ONCE!!!
So please don‟t allow the thought of knowing how to create content put you off. And
if you DON‟T have any content to bundle up together as yet I‟m going to throw in
some RAPID action product creation ideas as nice BONUS below:

Here are some FAST ACTION ideas you can implement right away for creating
AWESOME in demand content that will keep your members pinned to your
membership site for many months after previously joining.
But before I do I wanted to give you some ideas in terms of how you‟re going to
want to present your training materials.
This will all depend on what you‟re teaching at the membership area and of course
what niche it is in.
Anyway here are a few formats in which you can display your emailramp review at the
membership sites:
VIDEO BASED TRAINING – If you want to create your content by using videos
then you
can either use FREE or PAID screen recording software tools. I like
to use emailramp review 
to record my videos and they allow you to edit and upload them to
your computer as HD HIGH QUALITY videos too for that all round professional look
and feel.


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