Profiteer Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Profiteer Review – Why Should You Buy It?

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When using these type of products again you want to make sure that they are relevant
to the product you are promoting and enhance the value of that product. If your bonuses
are unrelated it isn't going to enhance your offering at all.
Create a bonus page on your site
For product bonuses you can create a simple page on your website. Simply upload the
bonus files to your website and have a download link for people who bought with your
affiliate link to download them.
I like to add a headline that says “Thanks for purchasing here are your bonuses!”.
I then add the bonus download links and I will usually include an image of my bonus as
well. For example: If my bonus is an ebook I include the cover image.
And then below the link I will usually put “click to download or right click and save as to

profiteer review

A lot of affiliate platforms are now building in a bonus feature. Meaning that you can add
your bonuses to a product that you are promoting and the affiliate site will redirect your
customers to the page for you. This can be an ideal way to do it because it's completely
hands free. You set it up once and anytime somebody purchases through your link
there automatically sent to their profiteer review through the affiliate system.
When you click get your link in Warriorplus it allows you to add your bonus URL. Looks
like this:
JVZoo and Warriorplus allow you to add bonus packages
Manually ask for receipt through email
The other way to do it is manually deliver your bonus. If you go this route make sure you
include in your promotional email that if they buy through you they need to send you
there transaction ID or payment email address to receive their bonus. Then once they
email you all you need to do is send them a link to your bonus download page.
Advanced Tip: Here is an advanced tip to help you get even more out of your bonuses.
Often times as an affiliate you miss out because your are sending traffic to a vendor
who gets the subscriber added to their profiteer review .


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