CPA Pirate Review – The New CPA and Traffic Hack with $332.25/day

CPA Pirate Review – The New CPA and Traffic Hack with $332.25/day

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Once you successfully publish your first post, you just need to copy and save
the link of the post.

The above link we need it for the seo process.
Alright now you already learned how to build a website from A-Z. You know
how to pick a domain name and where to host the site and how to create a
killer content for your cpa pirate review etc.
Now here comes the fun part of the course.
Seeing your site ranking on the first place on Google for a product on the
launch day is an awesome feeling.
This is your main target. You want your website on the front page of Google.
Obviously the higher the Google rank, the more sales you’ll get.
This is only achievable with some very important rules which I am going to
teach you now...
On to the final step... generating traffic.
So now it's possible for people to view our review post and buy our promoted
product, but how do they find the post/site in the first place?
We need to build some traffic towards our cpa pirate review.
By simply submitting your post link to directories, users will be able to find
them naturally through search, however to supercharge this process we're
going to make them rank higher and allow more people to find them easier
with traffic generation.
There are some very straightforward ways to get additional traffic towards
your post, some take a little more effort than others, but all of them bring in
more people to look at your cpa pirate review 
One of the key concepts here is that we are going to create backlinks to your
post. This simply means creating links from other websites on the internet to
your post which will allow them to rank higher in search engines as well as
letting people find them through natural search methods.
Before we start building backlinks it's very important that your website is first
indexed by search engines. Being indexed means that search engines such as
Google know that your website (or post in this case) exist.
You should never build backlinks to your review post or website before it is
indexed or you may get sandboxed by Google, taking weeks to show up in


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