DigiAgency Review – Start Your Own 6-Figure Offline Agency

DigiAgency Review – Start Your Own 6-Figure Offline Agency

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The 3 Types of Story Plots That Almost Every Killer Sales Letter Follows
The good news is you don't have to be a genius story teller to write great stories that sell.
No. You just need to know three basic approaches to create good stories that will help sell
your products. You master these three, and you don't really need anything else.
That makes it easier to become a great “story telling” copywriter in no time flat.
The first plot is what's called a “journey plot”. This is the simplest plot to use to improve
your conversions and copywriting ability. It works like digiagency review.
You start out explaining where you were at when you decided to go out and find a
solution for your problem. Then, you explain your lowest point, where things got really
bad for you. Next, you talk about how you found the path that started to make positive
changes in your life. Then you talk about how that led you to discover the solution.
Finally, you explain why you're sharing the solution for them.

Let's do an example. Let's say you're selling a course on how to get rich by investing in
the digiagency review
You'd first start talking about how you were fed out with your current financial situation,
and how earning money the way you did in the past wasn't cutting it for you anymore.
Then, you talk about finding better solutions, and how you struggled and failed and were
made a fool of. Highlight one very specific example that demonstrates this.
Perhaps you became so broke finding the digiagency review that you almost stole money from your
brother-in-law! Explain that, to really show your lowest point. That will help create more
impact when you talk about how you finally succeeded.
After talking about your lowest point, then start building up on how you begin making
progress, and were first introduced to the solution you found. Explain your “path of
success” on how you first started getting results, and how those results improved over
time to the point they are at now, where you now have the “ultimate” solution. Then
explain why you have decided to share that solution with them.
It really is that simple.







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