Youzon Review – Leverage YouTube and Amazon to Make Traffic

Youzon Review – Leverage YouTube and Amazon to Make Traffic

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Now all you have to do is look for your niche. So let‟s go back to my
Insurance example. All I would have to do is click on “Insurance”
and it will now look like this:
Look at that! These are ALL possible categories for a blog on
insurance. And remember, you only need to find 3-5. They are
showing us 21!
A lot of people make a big deal about how hard it is to choose
categories, but to be honest I don‟t see why. Other sites like
EzineArticles has already done the work for you.
Even if you are able to think of a few good categories for your site, I
want you to head over to youzon review to help you think of a
few you might not have been able to think of on your own.
Looking At Other Sites
Usually is enough to help you think of at least 3-5
categories for your blog, but sometimes you might need a little extra
help. If that‟s the case then you can always look at other sites/blogs.

All you need to do is take a look at some of their categories and
figure out which ones you feel would be the best fit for your blog.
Before you move onto the next chapter, you really need to choose
3-5 categories for your youzon review(preferably 5).

Go ahead and spend some time trying to think of categories
yourself, then head over to to help you think of
some categories, and then head over to Google and do a search
for other blogs in your niche to help you think of even more
Once you write down at least 3-5 categories for your blog it‟s time to
move onto the next section on creating your youzon review 


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