DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – A Proven Strategy to Sell Physical Products

DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – A Proven Strategy to Sell Physical Products

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2MkFevk

(That link brings up a text file that contains new code
for your Blogspot Awesome Inc template which has been edited to
improve the on-page search engine optimization of your site –
there’s nothing in this new code that is unethical or malicious.
There are no Google violations in this dropship on demand review. I’ve only changed
some of the CSS styling, changed how the theme handles post titles
to use proper SEO tags, and changed the post author name to “The
Editor” so it won’t link to your Google Plus profile.)

Put MY blog title in the first box (Sweet Posey) and YOUR blog
name in the second box (you want to replace the name of my blog
in the code with the name of your blog)

Click the Replace All button to swap out the name of my blog in
the file for the name of your dropship on demand review
50. Click the
Edit and then the Select All options in Notepad to
highlight everything in your Notepad file

Put your cursor at the start of the empty box and paste in what you
copied from your Notepad file
54. Click the
Save Template button (it might be hiding a bit under
your content box)
55. Right click on the
View Blog button and open your dropship on demand review in a new
tab in your browser - make sure everything looks good (no funny
characters or things that overlap or look out of place). If it doesn’t
look right you may need to go back to Templates/Edit HTML and
copy the text file back into the file field, save the template and
check again. The tiniest missing character can cause an issue. If
things still don’t look right go back to step #44 and start over.







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