7 Figure Firesale Review - Does It Really Work?

7 Figure Firesale Review - Does It Really Work?

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2OZ7CBA

Amazon will automatically create a new tracking ID using
the words you entered – it may add additional characters
to the end of the word if it that exact phrase is not
available. Make a note of the final tracking ID that was
generated by Amazon.
3. Go back to your Blogger dashboard and click the option to add a
new post (depending on what Blogger screen you’re on you may
see a different button or link for a new post than what’s in the
image below – if you don’t see any option to start a new post then
click on the link in the upper left corner for My Blogs and look for
the new post button next to the name of the blog you just created)
4. Give the post a title – the formula for this post’s title is:
a. Work in an adjective or two at the start of the post title –
DO NOT use the product name from Amazon as the exact
title of your 7 figure firesale review. Amazon is already trying to rank their
page for that title so why try to beat them? Instead, think

of other ways to describe the product. Consumers search
with adjectives:
“small Chihuahua figurine”, “pink t-shirt
for nurses with funny quote”,
“brass framed inspirational
“extra-large coffee mug”. By working an
adjective or two into the post title you’ll rank better for
related, long-tail search words in Google.
b. After your adjectives, tack on a short description of the
product – “Women’s T-Shirt”, “Coffee Mug”, “Motivational
Poster”, “Keychain”
c. Put the words “Gift for [your niche]” at the end of the title
Example final post title might be: Aqua Cotton I
Love T-Shirt Gift for People who Crochet (the words
“aqua” and “cotton” were my 7 figure firesale review , the words
“I Love T-Shirt” describe the product, then I added
“gift for people who crochet” to represent my niche)
5. Put your post title in the 7 figure firesale review field at the top of the post editor







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