ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

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To continue growing your site you simply repeat the process for adding a
new post to the Blogger blog you already created. You only need to build a
new blog if you want to build one for a different niche.
This strategy requires that you create a LOT of clipsreel review. Your income
will be in direct proportion to the number of posts you create.
Change Up the Post Title Formula
Don’t use the same post title formula every time. You don’t want to put the
word “gift” or the phrase “gift for [your niche]” in every post title.
Here are two additional post title formulas you should alternate into your

o This leaves out the word “gift” and the phrase “for [niche]”


o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love Crochet” T-Shirt

o This uses a synonym for your clipsreel review  so you target other terms
people use when searching for gifts in your niche
o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love” T-Shirt for Crocheters
See how those examples changed from the original post example title “Aqua
Cotton “I Love” T-Shirt for People who Crochet”?
Target More Expensive Products
Different kinds of keywords and more expensive products require a different
approach for your post content. I use the
Ninja Reviews strategy to
create detailed reviews when promoting more expensive products for higher
commissions in my clipsreel review . That method is used to target “reviews”
keywords. Doing review posts is one of the most consistent, highly
converting post types in my arsenal. If done correctly, a single review post
can earn more than $10,000.


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