TAPPIT Review – Optimizing Lead and Sales Generating Funnels

TAPPIT Review – Optimizing Lead and Sales Generating Funnels

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As you really start to get good at this you will want to try to find offers that you think are
going to do well before they actually do. This can give you an advantage if you are one
of the first few affiliates promoting an offer before everyone else. While this isn't a
necessity it can be a great way to get more commissions.
What stats you should be looking at
At minimum 50% commission but preferably higher. Personally I like to promote tappit review 
that are giving 100% at least on the front end. But depending on the price I am willing to
promote products that give away a lower commission percentage if I think it will do well.
For cheap offers of $10 or less I will usually only promote if I'm getting at least 100
percent commission on the front end. When products get up in the $17 to $27 range I
will consider promoting them if they are offering at least 60% commission on the front

end. And above that price it would be a case by case basis whether I will select a lower
commission or not.
It really depends on the offer and if I think it's a good offer for my tappit review . But a good rule is
to always make sure you're at least getting 50 percent commission on something that
you promote so that you are not wasting your time.
With so many good offers to choose from you have to make sure the commission is
worth your time to promote.
$1 or more EPC
The next thing that I look at is the EPC or earnings per click. And really all the EPC is is
the dollar amount you will receive per click sent to the sales page.
So if the EPC is a dollar and you send 50 clicks you can expect to earn around fifty
dollars. This is a great indicator that a product is converting well. If you stick to
promoting products that have at least a $1 EPC you can really get some great
tappit review.